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This page will have photos and descriptions when an election is taking place!

Here you will find information on the elections for next year's executive team! If you are interested in running or just want information about the GAPSS elections and executive positions, you're in the right place! Have any questions? Take a look at our Constitution on the home page or contact us at gapss@ualberta.ca! 


President of Undergraduate Studies


President of Graduate Studies


VP Events


VP External


VP Finance


VP Graduate Studies


VP Human Geography


VP Internal


VP Planning


Major Dates:

Information on Running:

  1. You can only run for one position.

  2. Candidates must have been a member of GAPSS for the winter semester (enrolled in at least one HGP/PLAN course within the last calendar year).

  3. Candidates running alone will run against None of the Above.

  4. Executive terms run until April 30th every year.

Campaign Period:

Determined at the next election or bi-election

More information coming soon.

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Descriptions of Executive Positions:

There are 9 positions available:

  1. President of Undergraduate Studies

  2. President of Graduate Studies

  3. VP Events

  4. VP External

  5. VP Finance

  6. VP Graduate

  7. VP Human Geography

  8. VP Internal

  9. VP Planning

The VP Events, Finance, External, and Internal may be filled by any Undergraduate OR Graduate student who has taken an HGP/PLAN Class within the last calendar year.

The other positions have program requirements relevant to the positions.

  • President of Graduate Studies must be a Masters or PhD student in Planning or Human Geography

  • President of Undergraduate Studies must be an Undergraduate student in the BA Planning Program, BSc. Planning Program, or BA with a major in Human Geography

  • VP Planning must be in Undergraduate Planning program, either BA or BSc

  • VP Human Geography must be in BA major in Human Geography program

  • VP Graduate Studies must be a Masters or PhD student in Planning or Human Geography

Below is a description of the current executive positions.

President Undergraduate & President Graduate Studies

As President, it’s your responsibility to chair all functions of GAPSS and the Executive Board, and act as a representative on behalf of GAPSS at the direction of the Board and general membership. The President oversees the organization of events and fundraisers, supports VPs and Committees, chairs the Election Procedures, and ensures compliance of the GAPSS Constitution and Bylaws. As a representative of GAPSS, the President reports to various faculty and student organizations to advocate, receive, and deliver information. The President’s role is most crucial when it comes to facilitating goal and objective setting for the executive team and initiatives. A future GAPSS president must be able to accurately measure and assess the progress of the organization, ensure two-way feedback with the executive and committee members, and build relationships with other organizations. If you are a leader, team builder, and want to oversee all that GAPSS accomplishes throughout the next year, consider running for President!


VP Planning

The VP Planning is in charge of creating and managing initiatives that give students in the Urban Planning programs an opportunity to learn outside the classroom, as well as advocating on behalf of planning student’s interests. You have the opportunity to work alongside the VP Human Geography in managing the Academic Committee, who serve to help accomplish the various initiatives you set out on. The past year we have established an advocacy framework and several projects (such as YIMBY and the Photo Contest) that are designed to be easily picked up and managed by a new executive team. If you are a Planning student who loves team-leading and bringing concrete solutions to abstract issues, then the VP Planning position is the one for you!


VP Human Geography

The VP Human Geography advocates for the academic interests of Human Geography students. This role links faculty directly to students by representing their invaluable perspectives. In this position, you will regularly consult both faculty and students to gain a holistic understanding of academic matters. As Co-Chair of the Academic Committee, the VP Human Geography is supported in their tasks by the committee members. This year’s projects included an Academic Satisfaction Survey for students to understand and verify the areas in which students require advocacy. This task exemplifies the essence of the role of  the VP Human Geography: to actively determine academic concerns and work to remedy them. To be successful in this role, you will require the ability to excel in group environments, communicate clearly, delegate tasks, and maintain overlapping commitments and responsibilities. If you are a Human Geography student who is passionate about student advocacy, run for VP Human Geography!


VP External

The VP External role mainly involves external communication for GAPSS, including handling external emails, social media advertising and management, and management of the website. For this role, organization and attention to detail are important qualities. The VP External will often write up emails and responses for the public or external organizations, so writing and communication skills can be beneficial. As well, organization in managing different social media accounts, email, and the website can help with juggling multiple platforms. Attentiveness is also essential. The VP External will need to make sure they are on top of what is going on as they communicate with different people about their different topics. The VP External also Co-Chairs the Journal Committee with the VP Internal. If you’re all about communication, media, and making connections, run to be VP External!


VP Internal

The VP Internal is key to keeping things running smoothly within GAPSS. This includes making pre-meeting reports and taking minutes for executive meetings, organizing membership and documentation, and keeping the GAPSS Calendar up to date. As VP Internal, you would also deal with constitutional amendments, election procedures, and produces monthly update newsletters. All of these tasks require high attention to detail, communication ability, multitasking, and outstanding organizational skills. The VP Internal also serves as the Co-Chair of the Journal Committee with the VP External! If you love organization, communication, and supporting a team from behind the scenes, VP Internal is for you!


VP Finance

The responsibilities of the Vice President of Finance include maintaining the GAPSS budget, keeping track of expenditures, applying for grants, ensuring floats are counted before and after events, and preparing the annual budget for the AGM. The VP Finance must also plan and run fundraisers, with the help of the Fundraising Committee, and ensure that there is enough money in the account to run all other events and initiatives. Weekly time commitments are around 3-5 hours depending on the number of events happening at that time. To be a successful VP Finance you’ll need basic financial skills, attention to detail, and an interest in running fundraisers. The VP Finance role is crucial to making sure all GAPSS initiatives are funded. If you like money and fundraising, run for VP Finance!


VP Events

As VP Events, you will oversee the planning and execution of educational, professional, and social events for students. GAPSS brings many events to HGP students each year, from open mic nights, to cover letter and resume writing workshops, to the annual Urban Week. You will be responsible for running the Events committee, and ensuring everyone is playing an active role in the programming that the Geography and Planning Students' Society brings to the University of Alberta. In addition, the VP Events must work closely with all other executive members, especially VP Finance (who will jointly ensure effective financial planning and fundraising through events), and the President (who provides guidance on event planning). This is a very exciting and demanding role that requires the candidate to be motivated, organized, and effective in working with others.


VP Graduate Studies

As VP Graduate studies, you are responsible for acting as a liaison between the graduate students and GAPSS Executive. Additionally, you transmit communications between the graduate student body, GAPSS, and ATLAS which allow the organizations to extend their reach when seeking volunteers and promoting events. On the GAPSS Executive you would act as the voice for Graduate Students in the Planning and Human Geography programs ensuring our perspective is considered in the decision making process. Furthermore, the VP Graduate Studies assists with GAPSS Committees, such as the Events, Journal, Academic, and Fundraising, as needed. A great candidate for VP Graduate studies will have excellent organizational and communication skills, can work well in a dynamic team environment, and can manage several responsibilities and projects at once. If you are a Graduate Student in Planning or Human Geography, consider representing your program with GAPSS!