August 29th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: Jordan’s studio

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Hamza Farooqui


Excused Absence:

  • Logan Fechter


1. Call to order at 6:23 by Cooper

2. Additions/deletions to agenda

3. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

1. Approved by Jacqueline

4. Approval of agenda

1. Approved by Hamza

5. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)



  1. Cooper (175 mins)

    1. Bi-weekly executive meetings over fall semester will be Thursdays 8:00am - 9:15am.

    2. Cooper will be attending a number of other student group events (mainly social sciences) over fall. He'll let you know which ones he's attending, and encourages you to join. Good for networking!

    3. Clubs Fair

      1. Tabling Tuesday and Wednesday, check if the times that aren’t occupied

      2. We will approach committee members if the spots aren’t filled

      3. Cooper will make handbills

      4. We are not allowed to solicit

    4. Class talks are coming up (September 11-15)

      1. 250, 240 and 100 are considerably the biggest classes.

        1. We could do a giveaway of the hoodies for these classes - survey with incentive

      2. Schedule can be created for presentations - pairs for bigger classes.

      3. Cooper will prepare mock script

    5. Committee formation

      1. Applications opening for clubs fair and closing for September 30.

      2. First committee meeting will be September 28 5:30-7:30

      3. Committee social will be discussed later

    6. Listserv

      1. Goes out on the 5th

      2. Information that we exist and AGM information

    7. Everyone's availability sheets up to date

    8. Committee applications completely edited

    9. PS Warren communication in the works about the room and fish

  2. Kaelin (10 mins)

    1. Newsletter for profs

      1. Sent out from the gapss email and cc all

      2. Hamza to contact profs this week

      3. Cooper change the blurb to have slides at end of class

    2. Creating alumni version of the newsletter.

    3. Slack notifications

      1. Lean towards email at this time since Slack is having some issues

      2. If we need the discussion platform we can email to say the discussion will happen over Slack

  3. Hamza (

    1. Still working on write up for grad students

    2. Request for website content

      1. Website up by Monday

      2. Tabs

        1. Home page

          1. what is GAPSS blurb - Cooper edit

        2. Resource tab - Logan and Jordan1 by Friday (Sept. 1)

          1. faculty showcase

          2. contrast between HGeo and Planning

          3. links

        3. Executive team tab

        4. Committee sign up tab

        5. Journal tab

        6. Events tab - Hayley

        7. Calendar subscription widget with email addition

          1. folder with those in Google drive, manually add them

          2. in presentations we can tell people to go to the website

        8. Contact us tab

      3. Meeting minutes will be put as well

      4. Image banners - Jordan

  4. Jordan

    1. Student Advocacy

      1. hard to create an advocacy group without turning into a venting corner

      2. find a stable time of year - pre midterms, a few weeks into classes

        1. class talks with survey to find trends and big issues and create roundtable talk based on that

      3. feedback as well after co-op/field school for info related to those

      4. email with the link, not just in-class surveying

      5. talk with faculty about the questions we’re asking, etc.

      6. October’s newsletter with a blurb on this

    2. Logan and Jordan talked about the academic committee structure

      1. Biweekly 1 hour meeting

      2. Optional social time after

    3. GAPSS Blog - A website asset, student engagement powerhouse

      1. resident writers (two-week term)

      2. way for people to engage in what they’re learning

      3. host it on the Squarespace site and it’ll help out SEO

      4. committee member would be in charge of it to find resident writer, edit

    4. Photo Contest

      1. ready to go, poster will be put together

      2. first one for the end of October, advertised at AGM

      3. committee member in charge of this

    5. Lunch ‘n learns

      1. talks with important people from the Planning world - industry, etc.

      2. open to everyone

      3. 11-12 or 12-1, etc.

      4. someone from Brookfield residential wants to speak


6. Adjournment by Cooper at 7:08

7. Next Meeting: September 14, 8:00am

August 22nd, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: SUB 0-55

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Logan Fechter


Excused Absence:

  • Hamza Farooqui


1. Call to order at 6:08 by Cooper

2. Additions/deletions to agenda

3. Add story time with Cooper after HLC

4. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

1. Approved by Jacqueline

5. Approval of agenda

1. Approved by Logan

6. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)

7. Story time with Cooper

8. Present things as decisions rather than chores to increase a sense of control; “it feels better when it feels you’re in charge” - Smarter, Faster, Better



  1. Cooper (30 mins)

    1. Clubs fair sign up

    2. AGM in the process of being approved through GovWeek

    3. Please sign-up for Clubs Fair slots!

    4. AGM

      1. Marketing

        1. Free pizza

        2. Social event

        3. “All are welcome”

      2. Outdoor setting?

        1. Booking a backup venue (ECHA rooms)

        2. Follow along papers, bring people in close, whiteboard, blankets, frisbee (waiver? burger ticket?), nametags with fun fact

        3. Hayley look into microphone and speaker

        4. Potential to rent chairs for free but it’s extra work and gets in the way of mingling;

      3. First Week of Classes Classroom Engagement

        1. Profs displaying powerpoint slide in first week, we go in to talk about AGM and committee sign-up

        2. Survey at the AGM instead of classroom ones

        3. Later survey ideas: form and box on the outside of GAPSS office? Give out in class with prize like Hoodie. Survey with link

        4. Second class so people are there

    5. Questions

      1. When will we be meeting consistently starting fall semester?

        1. Thursdays 8:00-9:30 (starting in CCIS on Sept. 7)

      2. Classroom presentation practice dates on the 27th and 28th may not work for everyone

      3. What do we need to do to make Clubs Fair as successful as possible? Item tabled

  2. Kaelin (10 mins)

    1. Calendar

      1. Public “Events” one and a private “Internal” one for committee members and executives. Cooper also owns an “Executive” calendar.

      2. The GAPSS account can subscribe to the exec calendars to see when we are busy - considering that many of us don’t regularly use Google Calendar this may not be as useful as thought.

    2. Committee signup form - review and discuss publish date.

      1. Sept. 4 release of the form, included in external listserv and having a computer at clubs fair.

    3. Newsletter for profs

      1. Hayley blurb about AGM

      2. Cooper blurb about classroom visits

      3. Hamza blurb about the new website

      4. Kaelin blurb about Calendar sign-up

      5. Everyone please write a bio of 50 words or less and send a headshot, these will also be used on the website. While you’re in this action item, send Jacqueline an idea of the money you may spent with your committee throughout the year.

    4. Creating alumni version of the newsletter.

    5. Message to Masters students’ mailing list.

  3. Jacqueline’s update (10 mins)

    1. Granting timeline will help everyone get an idea of the notice needed when events are being planned in order to assure each event is funded

    2. Crowdfunding could be a valuable funding opportunity for bigger projects like the bee hives

    3. Most grants that give out money for activities in the fall have come and passed (with deadlines being in May). Some of our bigger events (whatever they may be) should be in the second semester.

    4. For next year, following through on the grant applications due in May is a priority to help the next year’s team.

    5. Monthly financial updates about the budget and recent spending/donations.

  4. Hayley (10 mins)

    1. Need two or more people to have EOT training at any event, including AGM

    2. Hayley, Logan, Jordan to sit down and talk about a draft letter for HGeo Website Revision Request and talk to Dr. Collins in first week September

    3. AGM

      1. Jacqueline, Cooper, Hayley talking about AGM soon

      2. At EOT they said donation based sales like bbqs tend to make more money

      3. Event area booked 5-8, Arts and Business Quad

    4. Job Shadow Program Proposal

      1. Hayley, Logan, Jordan to talk about this and return to exec team

      2. collaboration with CAPSS

    5. Events List for the Year

      1. By mid September will compile a draft event timeline

      2. send ideas of events to Hayley

      3. Urban Week → Urban Day like a mini conference, HGeo and Planning students primarily, open to everyone (public, students at other schools like MacEwan, faculty of extension, etc.)

  5. Logan (10 mins)

    1. Cards for faculty

      1. Which professors to send these to?

      2. little pots and cards and paper with seeds

      3. get them for all faculty

      4. office rounds

      5. “thanks for helping us grow”

    2. Website review and continuing programs from last year

      1. Will talk with Jordan

  6. Hamza (5 mins - away but here is the update)

    1. Website is in progress, may take a while because of the learning curve of squarespace. Working on getting rid of old websites, already have closed two. Will speak to Kelly Bennett about one more website.

      1. Will need your help to populate pages - information, etc. in the future.

    2. Science Literacy Week 2017  - Thinking of setting up a table with student work displayed. Does not have to be a GAPSS run event - could extend the opportunity to HGP students and let them take the initiative. Is not a highly crucial or resource-heavy event either - no large commitment, fairly casual.

    3. Wanting to extend the invitation for ~20 new Master’s Planning students to get involved with GAPSS. Executing that through sending Kaelin’s monthly newsletters to these students as well.

    4. UofA Alumni - modifying Kaelin’s newsletters to info relevant to them - keeping them in the loop.

    5. Clarifying role - I am the main point of communication for GAPSS with external parties.

      1. If you need to communicate externally. Please draft the message, send it to me via Slack, and I will send it out with you attached.

      2. If you would like to send a post over social media. Please use the ‘Social Media Post Request Form’ under GAPSS Executive > Social Media > GAPSS Social Media Post Request Form. I sent everyone a link to this form a few weeks ago, please pin it if you can.

      3. If you would like to speak to the contact directly. I will send an introductory message to them first, you may then continue the conversation with GAPSS attached. This is so I can stay in the loop and be aware of any external communications I am not directly a part of.

      4. If there are messages from a contact to you directly. I will forward you the message, but I ask that you attach me to any further communications with the contact.

      5. If there is a message sent to GAPSS in general. I will communicate the message at the next meeting if discussion is needed (e.g. Science Literacy Week 2017)

    6. How do you want to move forward with Science Literacy Week, do you want to move forward?

      1. Cooper and Hamza to discuss

      2. Yes we would like to move forward


9. Adjournment at 7:18 by Cooper

10. Next Meeting: August 29, 6pm