September 28th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: CCIS 4th Floor

September 28th 8:00 am - 9:15 am

In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba
  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis
  • Jordan Riemer
  • Jacqueline Johnston
  • Hamza Farooqui
  • Hayley Wasylycia

Excused Absence:

  • Logan Fechter


  1. Call to order at 8:17 by Cooper
  2. Additions/deletions to agenda

  3. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

    1. Approved by Jordan

  4. Approval of agenda

    1. Approved by Jordan

  5. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)


Executive Reports and Questions

  1. Cooper

    1. Meeting with Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Summers, Oct. 10, 5pm

    2. APPI Meeting Friday 5pm in the studio

    3. Office - mid October

    4. AGM

      1. Move class talks to third week to not overwhelm

    5. Committee Orientation

      1. Cooper to add internal calendar signup to the presentation

      2. Hamza and Jacqueline to run team building activities

      3. Allocating more time with our teams and

    6. Non-HGP Students Members

      1. adding to ListServ with Clubs Fair signup

  2. Jordan

    1. Scheduling meeting with Dr. Agrawal regarding the video

    2. LEED Certification Workshop

      1. Jordan to send poster to Igor from DIFLab

      2. Could LEED Certification be implemented into a course within the Planning Program? Jordan to talk to Dr. Summers about this

    3. Job shadow program

      1. Quite difficult resource-wise, our place should be more to support the department to do this instead of starting this ourselves.

      2. Suspended idea for now, but we should propose this to the department.

  3. Kaelin

    1. October newsletter to profs

      1. Committee Orientation

      2. AGM recap

      3. Potential Projects

        1. Photo contest and YIMBY - Jordan to write blurbs

    2. Calendars

      1. Kaelin to add all committee members to the internal calendar

  4. Hamza

    1. Plan for starting Journal Committee - for after orientation

      1. Editor in chief - position for people who have been on the journal committee for one year

  5. Hayley

    1. Events idea document - continue to add

    2. Grant application due Saturday - need event submission for this January 1 - April 31

      1. Urban Day

    3. Alumni Association Funding

      1. Deadline January 31, event February - March

    4. AGM - private industry representative said that we ran the AGM well.

    5. Attracting other members

      1. Lower ticket rate at an event to people who bring


6. Adjournment by Cooper at 9:02am

7. Next Meeting: October 12, 8:00am