October 19th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: CCIS 4th Floor

October 19th 8:00 am - 9:15 am


In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Hayley Wasylycia


Excused Absence:

  • Logan Fechter

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Hamza Farooqui


  1. Call to order at 8:26 by Cooper

  2. Additions/deletions to agenda

  3. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

    1. Approved by Jacqueline

  4. Approval of agenda

    1. Approved by Hayley

  5. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)


Executive Reports and Questions

  1. Cooper

    1. We will have access to the office as of Oct 3oth. You will be given swipe card access. There is an opportunity to schedule meetings in the office.

    2. Meeting with Dr. Summers and Dr. Agrawal on October 26th at 5pm.

      1. Slack discussion of the topics and focus of the meeting

      2. We learn about what the faculty is doing and they learn about what we are doing

    3. Cooper is trying to set up a consultation session between GAPSS and the Students Union on the topic of student housing.

      1. They are soon to have a discussion on what students want in their housing.

      2. We may collaborate with them on this

    4. Open House is this Saturday - schedule will be sent out soon by the faculty

    5. OASIS is starting out the Council of Arts Student Associations (COASA). See email to learn more.

      1. Bimonthly meetings and some committees

      2. Kaelin and Hayley interested if the time commitment is not

    6. Drinks Nov. 3, 5pm

    7. General Volunteers: Cooper to introduce content in meeting.

    8. Committee Check-in:

      1. Clarity in the platform of communication

        1. if it's a Slack channel, make sure notification settings are correct

        2. Events committee using Facebook and Email

      2. Google Team Drive - explaining to committees

      3. Plan for a social outing with your committees within a week or two of your first meeting.

      4. Ask members to sign up to the external calendar and to use the internal calendar

      5. Give a general GAPSS update at the beginning of a meeting

        1. Committee members need to understand all the committees will be supporting each other and working together.

      6. Let committee members know that it's okay to have moments of less commitment and how they should communicate periods of less involvement, or any absence.

      7. Finances should be communicated to committees just when it aligns with their

    9. Debrief on the committee orientation

      1. Seemed to help people become more comfortable from the beginning

      2. Team bonding worked well but maybe something where everyone could meet everyone else briefly

  2. Hayley

    1. Events Calendar to be finalized within next two weeks

      1. If anyone has event ideas and requests, let Hayley know asap

      2. Timing will be largely based on granting (discussed with Jacqueline)

    2. Open Mic Night

      1. Details in an email

    3. PS Warren and a goldfish

      1. Cost and care sharing

      2. Care chart on the wall!

      3. Idea of proxy meeting attendance - attending each others’ meetings (Atmo and PS Warren)

      4. Adding them to newsletter - Hayley to find emails

    4. Job Shadow Program being taken on by Events Committee

      1. Hayley will set up a meeting with Career Centre

        1. Collaboration (insurance backing)

        2. Gives us infrastructure for the future

        3. Paid employees more likely to be able to do it

      2. To be brought up at our meeting with faculty

  3. Kaelin

    1. Team Drive - sent out an email with this information

    2. November newsletter to profs

      1. Give Faculty a better idea of what’s going on for the rest of the semester

      2. Open Mic Night - Hayley send info on events and open mic night to Kaelin

      3. Bottle drive fundraiser

      4. Kaelin to get in contact with Jordan

      5. Journal stickers - ask profs if they want that

    3. Journal funding

      1. Reaching out to printing facilities for sponsorship - Felipe and Jacqueline maybe attend journal meeting on Tuesday the 24th - advertisement to Stantec and such

      2. There is a grant to apply for - look on Google Drive

      3. Approach in person

    4. EAS Meeting Update

      1. Not too applicable to GAPSS but a good platform if we have major advocacy

    5. Update of the Journal Committee stuff

  4. Jacqueline

    1. Celebration of Planning Tickets

      1. Jacqueline and Cooper talking to profs in person next week

      2. Jacqueline to confirm with Dr. Summers if we get the money directly or if it goes to the Department

      3. Hamza and Jordan look at the schedule and see if you can talk to the profs indicated

    2. First Fundraising Meeting

      1. Low turnout but good productivity

      2. Pancake Breakfast idea

      3. Felipe and Cameron interested in Super Smash Bros tournament

        1. Usually have good turnout

        2. Opportunity to get our name out

        3. Money reward

      4. Committee delegation to certain jobs

6. Meeting times

  1. Changing meeting times, stay tuned for a Doodle Poll

7. Adjournment by Cooper at 9:18am

8. Next Meeting: tba