November 8th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Date: November 8, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Place: ESB 1-42





  • Cooper Csorba

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Jordan Riemer



Call to order 5:07



President (Cooper):


  1. We now have access to our Office. EAS 1-52. We have the opportunity to open access up to committee members, too.

  2. Celebration of Planning on Nov 9th at Shaw Conference Centre. Let's organize a party to go down to the venue together.

  3. We now have access to 2 Executive VIP Cards from the SU. They get us discounts at SUB Print, and other SUB establishments

  4. Lessons learnt from department meeting (list prepared)

    1. Opportunity to present student research at APPI

    2. Department will give us money for valuable projects, don't ask companies

    3. Avoid partnerships outside the university

    4. Plans for continuity year to year

    5. Students weaknesses: stats, resume/cover letter writing, interviews

    6. Journal: shorter papers, prof recommendations, promote at celebration of planning

    7. Urban Day: marketing and speaker help; department not necessarily for a full urban day

    8. (Western or National) Canada planning conference

    9. Promote faculty events

  5. Elections for new VP Human Geography.

    1. Host in November or wait until January?

    2. Include them in retreat

    3. Do it at the same time as VP Grad students

    4. Anyone interested probably on a committee - ask HGeo people to run and have an open call

    5. Can we use a google form? Might be best/easiest (saw another club doing this for the reelection of a position)

    6. Quorum is 14 people

    7. Could do it as part of open mic/karaoke/election night

      1. Do it at the beginning

  6. VP Grad position

    1. It's our avenue to bring our grad students closer to GAPSS

    2. Liaison between us and academic affairs

    3. See how they feel about defining the role

    4. Description:

      1. Vice President Graduate Studies, who shall:

        1. Represent and act as liaison to students registered in the MA Human Geography, MSc Planning, PhD Human Geography, and PhD Planning.

        2. Act as advisor to the President on issues concerning graduate studies.

        3. Act as a liaison between GAPSS and ATLAS (the EAS grad students society). This is to be mutually determined by GAPSS, ATLAS, and the VP Graduate Studies.

        4. If the VP Graduate studies position going unfilled at the Winter SAGM, the position will be filled during the Fall SAGM. If the position is not filled during the Fall SAGM, the position will not be filled.

  7. Introduction of General Volunteer Position

    1. Our way to involve students outside of committees

    2. Should we reopen committee applications in Winter?

      1. No

      2. But ask committee members on other committees who chose journal initially if they will be editors for Jan-Feb

    3. What they may do:

      1. Class talks

      2. Event set up

    4. Meld with program ambassador initiative

      1. List of emails available for prospective students to email

    5. Send out calls for volunteers to list of those signed up, then later could send to listserv

  8. Important round of class talks (November 20th-24th)

    1. Academic Committee will volunteer for class talks

    2. What to include

      1. Open mic/election

      2. Photo contest

      3. Journal submissions

  9. Should we meet with Human Geography faculty members (Tara, Damian?)

    1. Yes after we have VP HGeo

    2. Tara is on sabbatical but in Edmonton

  10. Second retreat

    1. Something fun between Dec 21 and Dec 24

    2. Ideas

      1. Cabin or airbnb in Jasper

      2. Facebook poll for exam end date and things to do


VP Events (Hayley)


  1. Open Mic Night

    1. Confirmed for Wed. Nov. 29th, 6:30-9:30 (last call) but our booking is 6:00-10:30pm

    2. Cost TBD

      1. Fundraising committee can decide this and take on advertising (last year $6) along with VP External

      2. Received grant for 61.75

      3. Hayley to forward event booking cost

    3. Volunteers - enough from fundraising and events

    4. Get gapss members to bring 2 people each

    5. Use karaoke to sell it!

    6. Invite student groups (arts departments, music departments, social science departments)

    7. Sound system: rent if cost is low

    8. Accommodate performer schedules

  2. Other Events

    1. PD Resume and Cover Letter Writing Workshop

    2. PD Statistics

      1. Outside help already exists

      2. But we could have an evening targeted to planning

      3. Academic to add survey question about what kind of PD would be useful

    3. PD SketchUp

    4. Urban Week/Day

      1. To be discussed by executive at a later time

    5. Graduation & Year End Celebration

    6. Committee Socials - ways in which these can be structured

      1. More informal, no cost

      2. Plans in late November

    7. Communication with Faculty

      1. Events - inviting them to see some of our documents so they can check to see what is going on - could go in newsletter

      2. National Planning Conference (2018-19)

        1. Support for us to do this from faculty

        2. Universities have funding to send students

        3. Research on CAPS - Hayley has done this and it's in the Drive

        4. Meeting with Department in the future for planning

          1. Kaelin, Cooper interested

        5. Separate committee

          1. Useful since the time span would be between multiple years

    8. EAS Department Council Meeting

      1. Damian Collins on sabbatical Jan 2019

      2. Discussion of sessional instructors and whether there are too many

        1. Defense for sessionals being built into how the Planning & HGeo programs work

        2. No indication of change

        3. We have 6/21, less than other universities

      3. New hires for EAS dept. in geology

      4. Renaming of HGP 343

        1. From "Health, Space, and Place" to "Geographies of Health and Healthcare"

        2. Communicates actual course content to students and employers, and aligns with other universities


VP Planning (Jordan)


  1. Photo contest

    1. Draft poster for photo contest is in the drive, to be printed in reading week and posted in late November

    2. Budget for printing is $15 per month

    3. Department likely funding gift cards

    4. Journal cover design - pair with this contest

      1. Would need original photo from photographer

    5. First run from right after reading week to Dec. 8

    6. #gapssphoto or #gappsphoto

    7. Theme: favourite place in Edmonton

  2. Blog

    1. Lots of traffic (first post 353 views)

    2. 4 resident writers signed up

    3. Put it in a listserv for promotion

  3. Survey

    1. Edits in reading week, to be released for class talks

    2. To be done on your own time

    3. Potential for incentive

  4. Planning video

    1. In process, needs further communication from department


VP Internal (Kaelin)


  1. Journal committee update

    1. funding model

      1. Faculty funding and grant

    2. publication model

      1. Shift to online

    3. distribution ideas

      1. Oasis and ISSS want some

      2. Narrowing Cooper's list

    4. November class-talks

      1. Committee members willing to do class talks to get submissions, join with Academic

    5. Profs can recommend that students submit

      1. Hamza to develop a formalized email for fall profs

    6. May want some new editors from other committees

  2. Things to do in the new office

    1. Posters

    2. Fish can be automatically fed

    3. Microwave (PS Warren) and coffee maker

    4. Schedule for meetings - Cooper meeting with Melissa and PS Warren people


VP Finance (Jacqueline)


  1. Ticket sales for the Celebration of Planning is $325. Possible I might get one more prof tomorrow (Wednesday) but unlikely.

  2. Bottle drive won’t happen this semester… need more notice. Will look into planning next semester.

  3. Working on re-creating budget. Lost with my laptop crash. Sent a copy to hayley at one point so it is a straightforward thing.

  4. Received COSSA grant for Open Mic Night for $61.75, money will go towards venue booking.

  5. Applied to OASIS grant for Journal print funding. Possibility of receiving $400.

  6. Will send out update on Finances over long weekend once I have remade all financial documents and deposited celebration of planning ticket sales proceeds (we are doing well right now)

  7. Planning a pancake sale in Tory atrium in December. Will book table ASAP, date of fundraiser will be based on availability. Thoughts?

  8. Any updates regarding on needs for funding?

    1. Academic printing $15/month

    2. Journal may need stickers

  9. Approach department when we need funds from an amalgamated perspective


VP External (Hamza)


  1. Nothing to add