July 25th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: SUB 6th Floor

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Hayley Wasylycia


Excused Absence:

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Logan Fechter


1. Call to order at 6:10 by Cooper

2. Additions/deletions to agenda

1. None

3. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

1. Approved by Hayley

2. Seconded by Hamza

4. Approval of agenda

1. Approved by Hamza

2. Seconded by Hayley

5. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)

6. Cooper’s summary of last meeting’s themes:

Increased connections to students and student feedback, communication between committees, onus on members to generate ideas, more socials, partnerships with external groups, updating external communications

“I got some of those mosquito bites that’s like a hundred at once so it looks like a rash but now I think maybe it is just a rash.” - Cooper



  1. Cooper (40 mins)

    1. Second Retreat

      1. retreat time changing, tentative August 18 evening

    2. SU Awards

      1. we are applying for student group of the year, $1000 award

    3. GAPSS Archives

      1. everyone contact last year’s executives to upload useful documents, and also ask them about constitutional amendments.

    4. Fall Plan (paper copy)

      1. marketing plan - how can we get people to come out?

      2. advertising: must happen in person or through one-on-one outreach

      3. regular class updates so that students know who we are and are well informed

      4. poll for students, especially on syllabus day

      5. date for the AGM: September 21 5:30pm-7pm, BBQ

        1. Hayley research cost, sound system, band (?), tentative plan

        2. Jacqueline contact Hayley about the budget for this

        3. Cooper look into booking space; backup space?

    5. Clubs Fair

      1. charges this year for tabling

      2. $17.50 for a 3h time slot

      3. Cooper and Jacqueline meet to talk about spending on clubs fair

    6. Constitutional Changes: created collaborative constitution to work on, everyone make proposed changes for next meeting. Constitution to be finalized for retreat by Kaelin and Cooper.

    7. Communications

      1. Slack notifications don’t always work - check settings

      2. Slack best for work-related discussion, Facebook for memes, Email for longform information

      3. Calendars

        1. What other calendars do we want to add in for information?

        2. Internal Calendar with our own layers showing availability

        3. How do we want to approve dates for events? What is the best way to communicate a calendar to students externally?

  2. Hayley (2 mins)

    1. Inter-committee social

      1. once per semester, likely end November / early December for Fall

  3. Kaelin (10 min)

    1. Availability for the Fall Semester has been put into a spreadsheet - if your schedule changes or if you have a weekly commitment like volunteering that would conflict with GAPSS work, let me know and it will be put in the spreadsheet! Jacqueline please forward your Fall schedule when complete.

    2. Have been in contact with the VP Internal of OASIS, setting up a meeting.

    3. Unable to get in contact with Libby despite trying on multiple platforms.

    4. Hamza and Kaelin will be meeting time to discuss email, website, and calendar.

    5. Executive reports

      1. Can be sent over slack or email

      2. Need to be sent in on time to give Kaelin editing time and everyone enough reading time

      3. Information points WILL NOT BE discussed at meetings, to save time, so reading reports is necessary, get in the habit.

      4. Answer the question points for yourself to be prepared for the meeting

    6. Faculty Letters

      1. Process for VPs to include information in the letters to faculty

        1. there will be a Google form

        2. time limit - week in advance

        3. each VP can give a short blurb with updates and anything the faculty needs to know

      2. There will be no August letter, but one first thing in September

        1. AGM changes and details from Hayley, inter-committee social, urbanweek vs urban day

        2. letting them know about classroom presentations

        3. add a mechanism for faculty to be able to respond

        4. Kaelin look into using Mailchimp

    7. Draft committee application: https://docs.google.com/a/ualberta.ca/forms/d/1wyzO3jvRI9HRqsTa4UsH8zdLkKwhOnZOuIbhErHEeBw/edit?usp=drive_web

  4. Jacqueline’s update (5 min)

    1. Schedule of HGP Classes for the Fall has been created, for future reference

    2. Timeline of events: for being able to plan grant applications, we need to know a general timeline for different events.

    3. Budget: think about what you might need money for throughout the year so that an official budget can be put together.

  5. Hamza (15 mins)

    1. Email cleaned up

    2. Facebook post request form uploaded

      1. Hamza send link for this to everyone

      2. two days notice to publishing

    3. Roles of social media

      1. Facebook: main point of communication for students, as well as event advertisement

      2. Twitter: connecting to industry, professors, speakers, planners; last point of communication

      3. Instagram: event recap, promotion, photo contest, fun side of social media

        1. following back? no; Hamza cleaning out account

    4. Clarify role

      1. if we want external email, go to Hamza first by forwarding a message to the GAPSS email; it will then be sent out on your behalf with you cc’d

      2. committee members need to be aware of this policy

      3. GAPSS should be cc’d in all external communication as those conversations continue

      4. VP External will take on contacting businesses for displaying the journal in offices, collaborations (ex. UrbanYeg and photo contest)

      5. attending COSSA and OASIS meetings with Cooper for representing GAPSS

    5. Uploading meeting minutes to website - Kaelin and Hamza will meet about this

    6. Cooper to send examples of successful student group websites

    7. End of month blog post about what has been accomplished/events/etc. (start Sept.) - Hamza editing the faculty report from Kaelin for a wider audience

    8. Science Literacy Week 2017

      1. Quincy has emailed about inviting us to host session

      2. Sept. 18-22

      3. showcase/exhibition/demo/activity/information table in library

      4. Sept. 9 deadline for application

      5. GIS, EAS 470 research, data on display; use listserv or profs to find exemplary work to be displayed - 300/400 level

      6. Hamza find science-related HGP classes and contact a prof to contact students

      7. AGM advertising at this event

  6. Action items for everyone (Cooper, Hamza, Jordan, Kaelin, Jacqueline, Hayley, Logan)

    1. look in GAPSS archives and get outgoing VP to add

    2. Constitutional Changes: collaborative constitution to work on has been created, everyone make proposed changes for next meeting.

    3. Put AGM in your calendars, Sept. 21, 5:30-7pm

    4. Go into Summary Availability and take your name off of any slots where you have non-class weekly commitments

    5. Review committee application and come back with edits https://docs.google.com/a/ualberta.ca/forms/d/1wyzO3jvRI9HRqsTa4UsH8zdLkKwhOnZOuIbhErHEeBw/edit?usp=drive_web

    6. Timeline of events: for being able to plan grant applications, we need to know a general timeline for different events - think about this for your committee.

    7. Budget: think about what you might need money for throughout the year so that an official budget can be put together.

    8. Cooper to update execs who missed today.


7. Adjournment at 7:32 by Cooper

8. Next Meeting: August 15, 6pm