July 11th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: SUB 6th Floor

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Logan Fechter

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Hayley Wasylycia


1. Call to order at 5:45 by Cooper

2. Additions/deletions to agenda

1. None

3. Approval of agenda

1. Approved by Logan

4. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)



  1. Jordan (5 mins)

    1. Communication between planning students and executive

      1. ensuring that ideas are reflective of student needs

      2. Google Poll setup

      3. contact beginning in September while people

    2. $20-$25 into monthly photo competition

      1. thematic, through Instagram

      2. gift cards for local shops (Farrow, Donut Party, etc.)

      3. potential for sponsorship by these businesses

      4. potential partnership with UrbanYEG

    3. Scholarship potential

      1. field school grant each year

    4. Planning video

      1. interview with professionals, and the extended version can be posted on the facebook page

  2. Logan (10 mins)

    1. Academic committee programs continuing

      1. mentorship, study groups

      2. video project

      3. making sure the committee is a place where people feel committed and heard - bonding events, delegation

    2. Website review for Human Geography

    3. Poll for HGeo students

      1. separate poll from Planning since needs are different

      2. polls might be better done on paper in-class, as well as online

      3. iClickers could be used for larger classes

      4. profs are likely supportive of taking class times

      5. advocacy might be more effective if it is a roundtable format, a food event, etc., geared towards a specific topic

      6. if they know about us, if they like how much we’re doing, etc.

    4. Getting a list of HGeo and Planning classes and the times: Jacqueline

  3. Jacqueline (5 mins)

    1. Fundraising: getting more people to come out

      1. more effective when they are fun and people are engaged

      2. bake sales are a lot of work and don’t earn much

      3. bigger, better marketed events are more worthwhile

    2. Committee members

      1. should hold more responsibility within committees and have defined roles for accountability

      2. transparency about money, fundraising with committee members

      3. having pairs of members running events works well

    3. Communication

      1. increased communication between members of different groups

      2. meet and greet for all GAPSS members, one per semester

      3. volunteer appreciation in a low pressure setting, a thank you instead of a ticketed event

    4. Opening events to the public, putting events on the Journal, Avenue, CoE

    5. Spreadsheet of our schedules for fundraising supervision

      1. Kaelin organize a spreadsheet of our schedules

    6. Grant applications

      1. Hamza help Jacqueline with grant applications

      2. Cooper to find old grant applications in the Google Drive

  4. Hayley (25 mins)

    1. AGM barbeque

      1. could act as a fundraiser

      2. could be open to everyone, including friends and public

      3. outdoor, weather permitting

      4. set time for presentations and such, then socialization

      5. printed copies of the material

    2. UrbanWeek

      1. direction towards a day of events instead of a week

    3. Job Shadow / Mentorship program

      1. letter drafted to send to CAPS outlining our ideas

      2. we are ready for a meeting with CAPS

      3. collaboration with Academic committee

    4. Program outline sheet

      1. a sheet outlining HGeo vs. Planning to go onto eClass

      2. support among profs

      3. collaboration with Academic

      4. to begin mid August

      5. Jordan and Logan and Hayley to create this document

      6. good to have for incoming students at the open house

    5. Tri-Committee events: PRIORITY

      1. something to bring all the committees together

      2. barbeque, retreat, park day, etc. for all members

      3. they are the future exec team

      4. goal of 5 people per committee

      5. set up a tri-committee social event for September

    6. Clubs fair table

      1. Cooper to book a table for Clubs Fair

    7. Sustain SU

      1. taking over Grow Room so it can continue to live on with insurance and finances

      2. potential for getting a Beehive on a rooftop; this could be a collaboration with Sustain SU, Urban Farming/Gardening groups on campus, ALES

      3. we could create a branch for Urban Sustainability under them

      4. birdhouses!

      5. make it accessible to students on campus and involve various groups including Business, ALES, etc.

    8. Department Website

      1. issue with the website is administrative (university admin)

      2. administration will take students more seriously than profs

      3. draft letter for this - Hayley to send out to everyone for review

      4. it should follow the Planning website format

      5. creation of content - starting mid August

      6. add the page comparing HGeo and Planning to the site

    9. Partnered Events

      1. events with another student group

      2. cuts cost but also potentially revenue

      3. increases attendance

  5. Hamza (5 mins)

    1. Social Media

      1. defining use of each social media

      2. not using social media as the primary method

    2. Flyer for GAPSS, our services, our contact info

      1. could include a page for profs to put up at the beginning of lectures

    3. External communications

      1. looking into who we can partner with

  6. Kaelin (25 mins)

    1. Setting up the calendar for student accessibility

      1. Google Calendar with sign up for students

      2. could use eClass calendar but that might get confusing

      3. coordinate faculty calendar, etc. to see what dates are available for events

    2. Website review with VP External

      1. “get to know the exec” section

      2. how much foot traffic does the website get?

      3. put committee signups on there

      4. there are currently two websites - get rid of one website or replace both

      5. look into using Squarespace, Wordpress

      6. Kaelin and Hamza meet to discuss this

    3. Email

      1. centralized until specified

      2. VP External runs the central email and forwards relevant messages to Executives

      3. Hamza to sign onto email and organize recent messages - speak to Kaelin if it’s a big workload  

    4. Setting the framework for the journal

      1. publish through Open Journal Systems through the U of A Library

      2. reach out to companies; market the journal for waiting rooms for CoE, Sturgeon County, etc.

      3. fundraising for the journal is a bonus

      4. student section and Edmonton/area professionals section, or a feature on one professional or group in each journal

      5. photo contest for cover or inside the journal

    5. Setting up the application process for committee members

      1. signup Sept. 5 until week after AGM [by Sept. 30]

      2. can keep open past deadline to get more members

      3. winter recruitment period

      4. Cooper forward the sign-up for volunteer opportunities that SGS uses

    6. Executive reports

      1. each executive to put their report in writing, point form and maximum half page, sent to Kaelin 48 hours before the meeting

      2. include:

        1. Information, for reading only

        2. Discussion points, for group discussion

        3. Questions, things that need to be addressed with the group

      3. these will be compiled by Kaelin and sent out at least 24 hours before an executive meeting

    7. Monthly summary reports

      1. brief report to be circulated among ALL committee members for openness between committees and projects

      2. including budget report

      3. could spotlight work; member of the month

    8. Monthly letters to faculty with similar summary information

    9. Event training:

      1. check SGS newsletter for Event training times, if it’s in your action items document from Cooper

  7. Cooper (10 mins)

    1. GAPSS Archives

      1. link here

      2. everyone contact last years execs to upload useful documents, and also ask them about constitutional amendments

      3. acts as a transition, look for resources

      4. make sure the committee members know this exists

    2. New Office

      1. shared office with PS Warren and ASSG in ESB

      2. Jacqueline get the fish :)

      3. they want our input for room setup

      4. August setup

      5. bulletin board

      6. fridge, microwave, calendar, kettle, Jordan’s french press

    3. Task Pick-Up Sheet

      1. A list of potential projects, and assigned items for executives to take on over the next month and a half. Cooper is completely on Call.

      2. if you feel like you want something to do you can look at that and Cooper will collaborate on anything

      3. be mindful of action items on the sheet

    4. Second Retreat

      1. August 26

      2. Cycle in the City and then to U of A for meeting

      3. presentations and discussions

      4. strategic goal setting, not project work

    5. Executive Agreement

      1. component of our constitution, formalizing your commitment on paper


5. Group business/Discussion Topics (~15 minutes)

1. Tabled for Next Meeting

2. Communication over the Summer/Year (Slack, Facebook, Email.. etc)

3. Preliminary Event Planning (AGM, September, GovWeek)

4. Calendar Organization and general organization

6. Adjournment at 7:20

7. Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 25th 6-7:30