January 18, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Date: January 18, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Place: ESB 1-42



Fun fact: It’s world thesaurus (reference book, glossary, lexicon) day!



  • Cooper Csorba

  • Jared Candlish

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Fatme Elkadry



  • Jacqueline Johnston


Call to order at 3:35 pm


Approval of Agenda


Approval of Minutes


President (Cooper):

  1. Marketing and Outreach Plan Development

    1. rolling class talks - academic committee members and some of events willing to help

      1. week after next week

      2. could send out clipboard into classes for general volunteer sign-up

    2. information to send out next week in class talks (and use presentation slide):

      1. Cover Letter/Resume workshop

      2. Graduation is April 16th at Yellowhead

      3. student survey, blog, and photo contest advertising

      4. journal submissions - see website for requirements

      5. Hamza will make the presentation slide

      6. Kaelin will start the document script

    3. monthly event schedule posters should be made with involvement opportunities, website sections, and website

    4. more could be done for ListServs / Facebook

    5. could ask Dr. Agrawal to send out information

    6. getting on the ListServs of other student organization

    7. powerpoint slides - asking profs to post it on eClass

      1. put this in newsletter

  2. Inter committee social

    1. mechanisms to provide committee members with a greater sense of belonging

    2. second orientation?

    3. how to get all committee members together

    4. need funding - can probably find in budget

    5. Volunteer Appreciation

      1. little awards/prizes

    6. Hayley will get this moving along

      1. Feb. 16th

      2. exclusive to committee members

      3. board games and food

      4. something informal afterward

      5. ECHA or SUB basement

      6. approximate 30 people

      7. creative fun way to tell everyone about their committee work

      8. make Google Form to RSVP, dietary restrictions

  3. GAPSS Executive get togethers

    1. every second exec meeting have informal, thing afterward

  4. Involvement Opportunities

    1. are our committees open to new members?

      1. academic could be open to new members if they want

      2. check if fundraising needs anyone?

    2. general volunteers will be needed for Urban Week and National Conference

    3. general opportunities should be added to the website

  5. Feedback from our committee members

    1. we should ask committee members how they are enjoying the committees and what could change - Cooper to make this for next Friday and each committee to add questions

    2. training your committee members

      1. what are they missing to succeed in their positions? will look at next year


VP Internal (Kaelin):

  1. Turn on Slack notifications are on.

  2. Jared and Fatme now have full access to the Google Team Drive

  3. HGP classes for Winter are in a doc here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vXPbt_C1W7oacqNlDxco0jhNzkYR_FLbncphqjxUwOU/edit?pli=1#gid=0

  4. Pre-meeting reports:

    1. to be completed 24 h before a meeting, and read by everyone within that time

  5. Journal

    1. we have not received enough submissions so have extended the deadline to the end of term

    2. the committee has agreed to continue through the spring/summer to edit and publish; this holds even though the executive will change in April

    3. ideally launch at September AGM

    4. please send in submissions and tell your committees to - without submissions we can’t have a journal!

    5. Jordan to find us a cover photo


VP Events (Hayley)

  1. There will be a cover letter and resume writing workshop this semester. Date TBA, depending on career centre staff availability, will be late January - early February.

  2. Urban week is currently in the works (third week of March)

    1. updates at next executive meeting

    2. one or two events per day; figuring out interesting topics for different events

    3. UrbanWeek for more of a general audience than the National Conference

    4. the National Conference will move away from U of A next year so Urban Week can continue in the future

  3. Grad: April 16th, 2018, Yellowhead Brewery

    1. Attendance at graduation by executives - can everyone commit to making this? Yes.

    2. Expecting about

    3. Ideas:

      1. Dr. Agrawal/Dr. Summers talk, and president’s address

      2. make sure everyone can come - not only those graduating

      3. include in class talks

      4. “Year-end celebration and graduation”

      5. post a program

      6. could have all the students come up and talk about something

      7. “passing of the land use bylaw”

      8. awards for students at the end

        1. “most likely to be a greedy land developer”

  4. National planning conference

    1. New committee formed - run by Cooper, Hayley, Jared, and with 7 other members

    2. Timeline created, in folder

    3. There will still be a few things that we need support from the regular exec team on (of course)!

    4. Separate conference email and website

      1. so committee members can have access and due to future different locations

      2. include someone new in conference committee to take over website, that Hamza can work with to copy the GAPSS site or create a new one

  5. If you have other event ideas let Hayley know

    1. undergrads and grads interacting in some sort of bar night or social

  6. When have we normally held our year-end AGM - last week of classes

  7. What means of funding do we have for Urban Week?


VP Human Geography (Fatme)

  1. Student satisfaction survey for Graduate and Undergraduate students

    1. after Sandeep and Damian have given us feedback, the surveys will be distributed and class talks/social media/email listserv will be used to inform students

    2. will be adding a statement of confidentiality

    3. We would like to keep the survey anonymous, but we would also like to provide an incentive for taking the survey.

    4. If we were to provide a randomly drawn prize for a $20 Amazon gift card, how would we collect emails in a way that still keeps the responses anonymized?

      1. clicking out from ending message to another form to enter draw

      2. can have someone do it in their own message and then delete the emails before giving it to the professors

    5. Issue with survey links - can’t share them with Sandeep and Damian

      1. Kaelin will look into this

  2. Do you think that USRI’s are an effective way of improving your courses?

    1. We could have it mid-term so feedback actually influences class

    2. Information goes to department and professors

    3. Alternative: have GAPSS send one to professors and they can send to classes, or that it goes to GAPSS to ensure confidentiality

    4. Could have pen and paper responses - 5 minutes with 3 questions that students can take home for the weekend and give back to the professor

  3. How long should the surveys be open for (ie. a month)?

    1. A month


VP Planning (Jordan)

  1. Photo Contest Underway: Winter City (posters will go up tomorrow)

  2. YIMBY has 4 writers lined up, new scheduling for writers

    1. should further advertise this - Libby had an idea (nice faded photo with quotes) for posting on instagram to advertise

    2. calendar is set up

  3. HGP 310/510 all got 82% despite evident differences

    1. Student Ombuds Office may help

    2. Try to talk with professor first

    3. Talk to Matt and get all information

    4. As students we should have standards for sessional instructors (and all instructors)

      1. Academic Committee should look into the process of sessionals being hired and evaluated

      2. Why are most of the sessionals from the City of Edmonton


VP Finance (Jacqueline)

  1. What night works best for a bar night fundraiser? Thursday or Friday?

    1. We all think Friday


VP Graduate Studies (Jared)

  1. Looking into getting more stats on the grad program


VP External (Hamza)

  1. Facebook posts


Adjournment at 5:15