February 15, 2018 Meeting Minutes


  • Cooper Csorba

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Fatme Elkadry

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Jared Candlish



  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Hamza Farooqui


Call to order at 3:46 pm


Approval of Minutes - Jordan

Approval of Agenda - Fatme


VP Events (Hayley):

  1. Urban Week

    1. progressing well - final schedule to be finalized by end of reading week.

  2. Conference (PLACE)

    1. also progressing well!

    2. Logo completed

    3. beginning sponsorship strategy

    4. should have email and website up within the week

  3. Updates on bank account situation for conference?

    1. Jacqueline and Cooper going to bank tomorrow

  4. Movie night

    1. will continue in two weeks

  5. Anyone with personal connections to companies / municipalities for sponsorship?

    1. This would be a very big help.

    2. put your name and the company to link with

    3. send out to committees and talk to GAPSS Alumni

  6. Start time for graduation/year end celebration

    1. 7pm

  7. inter-committee social

    1. March 16


VP Finance (Jacqueline)

  1. Nothing at this time


VP Internal (Kaelin):

  1. Elections procedure - meeting with Cooper over reading week

  2. Everyone advertise to committee members for journal submissions

  3. EAS Dept. meeting - potential for giving more of a message from us (will discuss with Cooper)


VP Human Geography (Fatme)

  1. Survey released, 28 responses - keep advertising! Need more grad students as well

  2. added positive questions, 4 different surveys separated

  3. getting profs to send out to class lists or put in front of classes

    1. committee chairs to contact committees about doing this survey

    2. also provide time in committee meetings for them to do the GAPSS survey (and this one)


VP Planning (Jordan)

  1. Ashley looking into sessional profs, what they sign on expectations & code of conduct

    1. very specific to Planning

    2. potential to look at sessional contract from other universities

  2. Ambassadors program

    1. falling under academic committee

    2. next couple months to see volume of emails

  3. Next photo contest deadline end of March - theme “colour”

    1. plan to get advertisement in Arts/Science digest

    2. add to prof newsletter for March


VP Graduate Studies (Jared)

  1. Movie Nights: shorter movies

  2. Grad student group?

    1. committee of GAPSS to have it set up for next April elections

    2. the organizers of this should be invited to our next exec meeting or another time over reading week

  3. ATLAS will meet after reading week so we should have more symposium information then

  4. Communication with ATLAS: forwarding president’s email (and events sharing also)


President (Cooper):

  • Reading Week Projects

    • Creating new Elections procedure (with Kaelin)

    • Organizing the faculty updates since Fall 2017 into a list for the Planning and Human Geography Program, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science

      • think about incorporating onto the website, can be used to update committees

      • points of discussion

    • Report on the Committee Member Feedback

      • hope for 100% response halfway through reading week, and discuss results following reading week

    • GAPSS updates on eClass - Cooper looking into this

    • Pamphlets included at EAS Office, Arts, and Science Faculty Offices - Cooper looking into thiS

  • Look into familiarize incoming students to GAPSS

    • students should find out about us immediately upon getting into the program

  • Meetings (around early March)

    • Set up meeting with Planning Program (Bob & Sandeep) to go through updates, talk about resource, and bounce ideas

  • Set up meeting with Human Geography Program (Tara and Damian)

  • Set up meeting with Discover Governance

  • information

    • survey data, sessional instructors, class advertisement of YIMBY for blog writing/journal submissions, graduation

  • Marketing

    • Potential for new VP structure

    • Discuss process and who can access Facebook page at next meeting with Hamza present


Adjournment at 4:41