February 1, 2018 Meeting Minutes


  • Cooper Csorba

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Fatme Elkadry

  • Jacqueline Johnston



  • Jordan Riemer

  • Jared Candlish


Call to order at 3:45 pm

Approval of Agenda - Jacqueline

Approval of Minutes - Hayley


President (Cooper):

  1. Reviewing Calendar

  2. Everyone send a reminder to committee members to fill out the survey and participate in class talks

  3. Class talks

    1. For academic survey, won’t be ready for class talks so will advertise to keep an eye out

    2. Between weeks of class talks, send slide to profs to be shown before classes and include on eClass, also Instagram stories for marketing!

  4. Department meetings

    1. talking with Planning about funding in February (tag on to the conference meeting with Sandeep and Bob)

  5. OASIS and ISSS

    1. putting together a calendar of what they are doing

  6. Committee photos

    1. take group pictures at next meeting or social

  7. Add involvement page to website

  8. Individual meetings with execs for certain projects

  9. May 4th as transitions document deadline

    1. try to keep reflections in a document as time goes on


VP Events (Hayley):

  1. Urban Week

    1. We lost the Banner from Urban Week - could we get compensation for this being lost? Cooper will contact the people in that office now

    2. One week, March 19-23

    3. Each day with a separate theme

      1. Winter Cities, NGOs and nonprofits, urban transport and design day, politics and econ. growth, keynote speaker

      2. diverse events: panel, speakers, photo walks

      3. contact Edmonton Journal

  2. Conference update

    1. Committee meetings every 1-2 weeks

    2. Kaelin to add meeting times and members to the internal calendar

    3. Sponsorship

      1. If you have ideas about where to contact or have personal contacts please let Hayley know - esp. personal contacts, this helps a lot!

      2. Celebration of Planning sponsors

  3. Graduation / Year End Celebration Tickets

    1. When would we like to start selling these? How soon? Early bird price?

      1. Need money to pay for grad (prefer no early bird price)

      2. about a month in advance start selling tickets (and keep in mind class talks at the end of March)

  4. How can we work the conference funds in with the GAPSS funds?

    1. GAPSS as an account owner can create a second account to help keep Conference stuff separate - essentially two chequing accounts

      1. Jacqueline to email our bank rep and ask her for the details

    2. For early purchases like website (before sponsor money) we should be able to use GAPSS funds

    3. but limits cashflow with Urban week, grad, etc. coming up. Jacqueline will evaluate once the grant money for other events has been confirmed (late Feb.)

  5. Cooper will add executive positions to BearsDen (and add new execs), and everyone must make themselves visible

  6. Inter-committee social - Hayley will book room soon

  7. Kaelin will update calendar


VP Finance (Jacqueline)

  1. three upcoming fundraisers:

    1. March 2nd at Pint on Whyte-- will be selling tickets ASAP and need everyone’s help

      1. $10 includes- no cover, free drink and reserved room

      2. all proceeds go to GAPSS

      3. maximum 40 tickets

      4. open to everyone - use connections! fraternities and sororities!

      5. Marketing- posters, FB post, listserve, word of mouth

      6. I don’t have EOT- will need help with event submission (ASAP) and supervision of event

    2. Bake sales/pancake breakfasts

      1. March 27th and 29th (hope of making ~150 each)

        1. Reason for dates is due to tables being booked otherwise

    3. Set up meeting with department regarding funding of events (prioritize Journal>UW>Grad)

      1. Journal - $250

      2. Urban week

      3. Grad


VP Internal (Kaelin):

  1. Nothing at this time.


VP Human Geography (Fatme)

  1. Meeting Damian on Feb 2, meeting Sandeep on Feb 8, to discuss recommendations for survey

    1. Damian has already given preliminary recommendations - have incorporated them.

  2. Damian is concerned about our ability to guarantee anonymity, especially for graduate students (so little of them)


VP Planning (Jordan)

  1. Choosing photo contest winner Feb. 5

    1. Tested out social media marketing for this one, was not as effective as posters (good to know for other events)

  2. YIMBY running smoothly. Madeline will be next writer.


VP Graduate Studies (Jared)

  1. Graduate Student Group

    1. Grad students want to create their own student group

    2. funding for events

    3. potential for it to be a committee of GAPSS or two groups running together

    4. meeting to see what Grad Students want and how we can work together

  2. ATLAS Events

    1. can advertise each others’ events - and have a system to send information back and forth


VP External (Hamza)

  1. Nothing at this time.


Adjournment at 4:47