February 15, 2018 Meeting Minutes


  • Cooper Csorba

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Fatme Elkadry

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Jared Candlish



  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Hamza Farooqui


Call to order at 3:46 pm


Approval of Minutes - Jordan

Approval of Agenda - Fatme


VP Events (Hayley):

  1. Urban Week

    1. progressing well - final schedule to be finalized by end of reading week.

  2. Conference (PLACE)

    1. also progressing well!

    2. Logo completed

    3. beginning sponsorship strategy

    4. should have email and website up within the week

  3. Updates on bank account situation for conference?

    1. Jacqueline and Cooper going to bank tomorrow

  4. Movie night

    1. will continue in two weeks

  5. Anyone with personal connections to companies / municipalities for sponsorship?

    1. This would be a very big help.

    2. put your name and the company to link with

    3. send out to committees and talk to GAPSS Alumni

  6. Start time for graduation/year end celebration

    1. 7pm

  7. inter-committee social

    1. March 16


VP Finance (Jacqueline)

  1. Nothing at this time


VP Internal (Kaelin):

  1. Elections procedure - meeting with Cooper over reading week

  2. Everyone advertise to committee members for journal submissions

  3. EAS Dept. meeting - potential for giving more of a message from us (will discuss with Cooper)


VP Human Geography (Fatme)

  1. Survey released, 28 responses - keep advertising! Need more grad students as well

  2. added positive questions, 4 different surveys separated

  3. getting profs to send out to class lists or put in front of classes

    1. committee chairs to contact committees about doing this survey

    2. also provide time in committee meetings for them to do the GAPSS survey (and this one)


VP Planning (Jordan)

  1. Ashley looking into sessional profs, what they sign on expectations & code of conduct

    1. very specific to Planning

    2. potential to look at sessional contract from other universities

  2. Ambassadors program

    1. falling under academic committee

    2. next couple months to see volume of emails

  3. Next photo contest deadline end of March - theme “colour”

    1. plan to get advertisement in Arts/Science digest

    2. add to prof newsletter for March


VP Graduate Studies (Jared)

  1. Movie Nights: shorter movies

  2. Grad student group?

    1. committee of GAPSS to have it set up for next April elections

    2. the organizers of this should be invited to our next exec meeting or another time over reading week

  3. ATLAS will meet after reading week so we should have more symposium information then

  4. Communication with ATLAS: forwarding president’s email (and events sharing also)


President (Cooper):

  • Reading Week Projects

    • Creating new Elections procedure (with Kaelin)

    • Organizing the faculty updates since Fall 2017 into a list for the Planning and Human Geography Program, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science

      • think about incorporating onto the website, can be used to update committees

      • points of discussion

    • Report on the Committee Member Feedback

      • hope for 100% response halfway through reading week, and discuss results following reading week

    • GAPSS updates on eClass - Cooper looking into this

    • Pamphlets included at EAS Office, Arts, and Science Faculty Offices - Cooper looking into thiS

  • Look into familiarize incoming students to GAPSS

    • students should find out about us immediately upon getting into the program

  • Meetings (around early March)

    • Set up meeting with Planning Program (Bob & Sandeep) to go through updates, talk about resource, and bounce ideas

  • Set up meeting with Human Geography Program (Tara and Damian)

  • Set up meeting with Discover Governance

  • information

    • survey data, sessional instructors, class advertisement of YIMBY for blog writing/journal submissions, graduation

  • Marketing

    • Potential for new VP structure

    • Discuss process and who can access Facebook page at next meeting with Hamza present


Adjournment at 4:41

February 1, 2018 Meeting Minutes


  • Cooper Csorba

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Fatme Elkadry

  • Jacqueline Johnston



  • Jordan Riemer

  • Jared Candlish


Call to order at 3:45 pm

Approval of Agenda - Jacqueline

Approval of Minutes - Hayley


President (Cooper):

  1. Reviewing Calendar

  2. Everyone send a reminder to committee members to fill out the survey and participate in class talks

  3. Class talks

    1. For academic survey, won’t be ready for class talks so will advertise to keep an eye out

    2. Between weeks of class talks, send slide to profs to be shown before classes and include on eClass, also Instagram stories for marketing!

  4. Department meetings

    1. talking with Planning about funding in February (tag on to the conference meeting with Sandeep and Bob)

  5. OASIS and ISSS

    1. putting together a calendar of what they are doing

  6. Committee photos

    1. take group pictures at next meeting or social

  7. Add involvement page to website

  8. Individual meetings with execs for certain projects

  9. May 4th as transitions document deadline

    1. try to keep reflections in a document as time goes on


VP Events (Hayley):

  1. Urban Week

    1. We lost the Banner from Urban Week - could we get compensation for this being lost? Cooper will contact the people in that office now

    2. One week, March 19-23

    3. Each day with a separate theme

      1. Winter Cities, NGOs and nonprofits, urban transport and design day, politics and econ. growth, keynote speaker

      2. diverse events: panel, speakers, photo walks

      3. contact Edmonton Journal

  2. Conference update

    1. Committee meetings every 1-2 weeks

    2. Kaelin to add meeting times and members to the internal calendar

    3. Sponsorship

      1. If you have ideas about where to contact or have personal contacts please let Hayley know - esp. personal contacts, this helps a lot!

      2. Celebration of Planning sponsors

  3. Graduation / Year End Celebration Tickets

    1. When would we like to start selling these? How soon? Early bird price?

      1. Need money to pay for grad (prefer no early bird price)

      2. about a month in advance start selling tickets (and keep in mind class talks at the end of March)

  4. How can we work the conference funds in with the GAPSS funds?

    1. GAPSS as an account owner can create a second account to help keep Conference stuff separate - essentially two chequing accounts

      1. Jacqueline to email our bank rep and ask her for the details

    2. For early purchases like website (before sponsor money) we should be able to use GAPSS funds

    3. but limits cashflow with Urban week, grad, etc. coming up. Jacqueline will evaluate once the grant money for other events has been confirmed (late Feb.)

  5. Cooper will add executive positions to BearsDen (and add new execs), and everyone must make themselves visible

  6. Inter-committee social - Hayley will book room soon

  7. Kaelin will update calendar


VP Finance (Jacqueline)

  1. three upcoming fundraisers:

    1. March 2nd at Pint on Whyte-- will be selling tickets ASAP and need everyone’s help

      1. $10 includes- no cover, free drink and reserved room

      2. all proceeds go to GAPSS

      3. maximum 40 tickets

      4. open to everyone - use connections! fraternities and sororities!

      5. Marketing- posters, FB post, listserve, word of mouth

      6. I don’t have EOT- will need help with event submission (ASAP) and supervision of event

    2. Bake sales/pancake breakfasts

      1. March 27th and 29th (hope of making ~150 each)

        1. Reason for dates is due to tables being booked otherwise

    3. Set up meeting with department regarding funding of events (prioritize Journal>UW>Grad)

      1. Journal - $250

      2. Urban week

      3. Grad


VP Internal (Kaelin):

  1. Nothing at this time.


VP Human Geography (Fatme)

  1. Meeting Damian on Feb 2, meeting Sandeep on Feb 8, to discuss recommendations for survey

    1. Damian has already given preliminary recommendations - have incorporated them.

  2. Damian is concerned about our ability to guarantee anonymity, especially for graduate students (so little of them)


VP Planning (Jordan)

  1. Choosing photo contest winner Feb. 5

    1. Tested out social media marketing for this one, was not as effective as posters (good to know for other events)

  2. YIMBY running smoothly. Madeline will be next writer.


VP Graduate Studies (Jared)

  1. Graduate Student Group

    1. Grad students want to create their own student group

    2. funding for events

    3. potential for it to be a committee of GAPSS or two groups running together

    4. meeting to see what Grad Students want and how we can work together

  2. ATLAS Events

    1. can advertise each others’ events - and have a system to send information back and forth


VP External (Hamza)

  1. Nothing at this time.


Adjournment at 4:47

January 18, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Date: January 18, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Place: ESB 1-42



Fun fact: It’s world thesaurus (reference book, glossary, lexicon) day!



  • Cooper Csorba

  • Jared Candlish

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Fatme Elkadry



  • Jacqueline Johnston


Call to order at 3:35 pm


Approval of Agenda


Approval of Minutes


President (Cooper):

  1. Marketing and Outreach Plan Development

    1. rolling class talks - academic committee members and some of events willing to help

      1. week after next week

      2. could send out clipboard into classes for general volunteer sign-up

    2. information to send out next week in class talks (and use presentation slide):

      1. Cover Letter/Resume workshop

      2. Graduation is April 16th at Yellowhead

      3. student survey, blog, and photo contest advertising

      4. journal submissions - see website for requirements

      5. Hamza will make the presentation slide

      6. Kaelin will start the document script

    3. monthly event schedule posters should be made with involvement opportunities, website sections, and website

    4. more could be done for ListServs / Facebook

    5. could ask Dr. Agrawal to send out information

    6. getting on the ListServs of other student organization

    7. powerpoint slides - asking profs to post it on eClass

      1. put this in newsletter

  2. Inter committee social

    1. mechanisms to provide committee members with a greater sense of belonging

    2. second orientation?

    3. how to get all committee members together

    4. need funding - can probably find in budget

    5. Volunteer Appreciation

      1. little awards/prizes

    6. Hayley will get this moving along

      1. Feb. 16th

      2. exclusive to committee members

      3. board games and food

      4. something informal afterward

      5. ECHA or SUB basement

      6. approximate 30 people

      7. creative fun way to tell everyone about their committee work

      8. make Google Form to RSVP, dietary restrictions

  3. GAPSS Executive get togethers

    1. every second exec meeting have informal, thing afterward

  4. Involvement Opportunities

    1. are our committees open to new members?

      1. academic could be open to new members if they want

      2. check if fundraising needs anyone?

    2. general volunteers will be needed for Urban Week and National Conference

    3. general opportunities should be added to the website

  5. Feedback from our committee members

    1. we should ask committee members how they are enjoying the committees and what could change - Cooper to make this for next Friday and each committee to add questions

    2. training your committee members

      1. what are they missing to succeed in their positions? will look at next year


VP Internal (Kaelin):

  1. Turn on Slack notifications are on.

  2. Jared and Fatme now have full access to the Google Team Drive

  3. HGP classes for Winter are in a doc here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vXPbt_C1W7oacqNlDxco0jhNzkYR_FLbncphqjxUwOU/edit?pli=1#gid=0

  4. Pre-meeting reports:

    1. to be completed 24 h before a meeting, and read by everyone within that time

  5. Journal

    1. we have not received enough submissions so have extended the deadline to the end of term

    2. the committee has agreed to continue through the spring/summer to edit and publish; this holds even though the executive will change in April

    3. ideally launch at September AGM

    4. please send in submissions and tell your committees to - without submissions we can’t have a journal!

    5. Jordan to find us a cover photo


VP Events (Hayley)

  1. There will be a cover letter and resume writing workshop this semester. Date TBA, depending on career centre staff availability, will be late January - early February.

  2. Urban week is currently in the works (third week of March)

    1. updates at next executive meeting

    2. one or two events per day; figuring out interesting topics for different events

    3. UrbanWeek for more of a general audience than the National Conference

    4. the National Conference will move away from U of A next year so Urban Week can continue in the future

  3. Grad: April 16th, 2018, Yellowhead Brewery

    1. Attendance at graduation by executives - can everyone commit to making this? Yes.

    2. Expecting about

    3. Ideas:

      1. Dr. Agrawal/Dr. Summers talk, and president’s address

      2. make sure everyone can come - not only those graduating

      3. include in class talks

      4. “Year-end celebration and graduation”

      5. post a program

      6. could have all the students come up and talk about something

      7. “passing of the land use bylaw”

      8. awards for students at the end

        1. “most likely to be a greedy land developer”

  4. National planning conference

    1. New committee formed - run by Cooper, Hayley, Jared, and with 7 other members

    2. Timeline created, in folder

    3. There will still be a few things that we need support from the regular exec team on (of course)!

    4. Separate conference email and website

      1. so committee members can have access and due to future different locations

      2. include someone new in conference committee to take over website, that Hamza can work with to copy the GAPSS site or create a new one

  5. If you have other event ideas let Hayley know

    1. undergrads and grads interacting in some sort of bar night or social

  6. When have we normally held our year-end AGM - last week of classes

  7. What means of funding do we have for Urban Week?


VP Human Geography (Fatme)

  1. Student satisfaction survey for Graduate and Undergraduate students

    1. after Sandeep and Damian have given us feedback, the surveys will be distributed and class talks/social media/email listserv will be used to inform students

    2. will be adding a statement of confidentiality

    3. We would like to keep the survey anonymous, but we would also like to provide an incentive for taking the survey.

    4. If we were to provide a randomly drawn prize for a $20 Amazon gift card, how would we collect emails in a way that still keeps the responses anonymized?

      1. clicking out from ending message to another form to enter draw

      2. can have someone do it in their own message and then delete the emails before giving it to the professors

    5. Issue with survey links - can’t share them with Sandeep and Damian

      1. Kaelin will look into this

  2. Do you think that USRI’s are an effective way of improving your courses?

    1. We could have it mid-term so feedback actually influences class

    2. Information goes to department and professors

    3. Alternative: have GAPSS send one to professors and they can send to classes, or that it goes to GAPSS to ensure confidentiality

    4. Could have pen and paper responses - 5 minutes with 3 questions that students can take home for the weekend and give back to the professor

  3. How long should the surveys be open for (ie. a month)?

    1. A month


VP Planning (Jordan)

  1. Photo Contest Underway: Winter City (posters will go up tomorrow)

  2. YIMBY has 4 writers lined up, new scheduling for writers

    1. should further advertise this - Libby had an idea (nice faded photo with quotes) for posting on instagram to advertise

    2. calendar is set up

  3. HGP 310/510 all got 82% despite evident differences

    1. Student Ombuds Office may help

    2. Try to talk with professor first

    3. Talk to Matt and get all information

    4. As students we should have standards for sessional instructors (and all instructors)

      1. Academic Committee should look into the process of sessionals being hired and evaluated

      2. Why are most of the sessionals from the City of Edmonton


VP Finance (Jacqueline)

  1. What night works best for a bar night fundraiser? Thursday or Friday?

    1. We all think Friday


VP Graduate Studies (Jared)

  1. Looking into getting more stats on the grad program


VP External (Hamza)

  1. Facebook posts


Adjournment at 5:15


November 8th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Date: November 8, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Place: ESB 1-42





  • Cooper Csorba

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Jordan Riemer



Call to order 5:07



President (Cooper):


  1. We now have access to our Office. EAS 1-52. We have the opportunity to open access up to committee members, too.

  2. Celebration of Planning on Nov 9th at Shaw Conference Centre. Let's organize a party to go down to the venue together.

  3. We now have access to 2 Executive VIP Cards from the SU. They get us discounts at SUB Print, and other SUB establishments

  4. Lessons learnt from department meeting (list prepared)

    1. Opportunity to present student research at APPI

    2. Department will give us money for valuable projects, don't ask companies

    3. Avoid partnerships outside the university

    4. Plans for continuity year to year

    5. Students weaknesses: stats, resume/cover letter writing, interviews

    6. Journal: shorter papers, prof recommendations, promote at celebration of planning

    7. Urban Day: marketing and speaker help; department not necessarily for a full urban day

    8. (Western or National) Canada planning conference

    9. Promote faculty events

  5. Elections for new VP Human Geography.

    1. Host in November or wait until January?

    2. Include them in retreat

    3. Do it at the same time as VP Grad students

    4. Anyone interested probably on a committee - ask HGeo people to run and have an open call

    5. Can we use a google form? Might be best/easiest (saw another club doing this for the reelection of a position)

    6. Quorum is 14 people

    7. Could do it as part of open mic/karaoke/election night

      1. Do it at the beginning

  6. VP Grad position

    1. It's our avenue to bring our grad students closer to GAPSS

    2. Liaison between us and academic affairs

    3. See how they feel about defining the role

    4. Description:

      1. Vice President Graduate Studies, who shall:

        1. Represent and act as liaison to students registered in the MA Human Geography, MSc Planning, PhD Human Geography, and PhD Planning.

        2. Act as advisor to the President on issues concerning graduate studies.

        3. Act as a liaison between GAPSS and ATLAS (the EAS grad students society). This is to be mutually determined by GAPSS, ATLAS, and the VP Graduate Studies.

        4. If the VP Graduate studies position going unfilled at the Winter SAGM, the position will be filled during the Fall SAGM. If the position is not filled during the Fall SAGM, the position will not be filled.

  7. Introduction of General Volunteer Position

    1. Our way to involve students outside of committees

    2. Should we reopen committee applications in Winter?

      1. No

      2. But ask committee members on other committees who chose journal initially if they will be editors for Jan-Feb

    3. What they may do:

      1. Class talks

      2. Event set up

    4. Meld with program ambassador initiative

      1. List of emails available for prospective students to email

    5. Send out calls for volunteers to list of those signed up, then later could send to listserv

  8. Important round of class talks (November 20th-24th)

    1. Academic Committee will volunteer for class talks

    2. What to include

      1. Open mic/election

      2. Photo contest

      3. Journal submissions

  9. Should we meet with Human Geography faculty members (Tara, Damian?)

    1. Yes after we have VP HGeo

    2. Tara is on sabbatical but in Edmonton

  10. Second retreat

    1. Something fun between Dec 21 and Dec 24

    2. Ideas

      1. Cabin or airbnb in Jasper

      2. Facebook poll for exam end date and things to do


VP Events (Hayley)


  1. Open Mic Night

    1. Confirmed for Wed. Nov. 29th, 6:30-9:30 (last call) but our booking is 6:00-10:30pm

    2. Cost TBD

      1. Fundraising committee can decide this and take on advertising (last year $6) along with VP External

      2. Received grant for 61.75

      3. Hayley to forward event booking cost

    3. Volunteers - enough from fundraising and events

    4. Get gapss members to bring 2 people each

    5. Use karaoke to sell it!

    6. Invite student groups (arts departments, music departments, social science departments)

    7. Sound system: rent if cost is low

    8. Accommodate performer schedules

  2. Other Events

    1. PD Resume and Cover Letter Writing Workshop

    2. PD Statistics

      1. Outside help already exists

      2. But we could have an evening targeted to planning

      3. Academic to add survey question about what kind of PD would be useful

    3. PD SketchUp

    4. Urban Week/Day

      1. To be discussed by executive at a later time

    5. Graduation & Year End Celebration

    6. Committee Socials - ways in which these can be structured

      1. More informal, no cost

      2. Plans in late November

    7. Communication with Faculty

      1. Events - inviting them to see some of our documents so they can check to see what is going on - could go in newsletter

      2. National Planning Conference (2018-19)

        1. Support for us to do this from faculty

        2. Universities have funding to send students

        3. Research on CAPS - Hayley has done this and it's in the Drive

        4. Meeting with Department in the future for planning

          1. Kaelin, Cooper interested

        5. Separate committee

          1. Useful since the time span would be between multiple years

    8. EAS Department Council Meeting

      1. Damian Collins on sabbatical Jan 2019

      2. Discussion of sessional instructors and whether there are too many

        1. Defense for sessionals being built into how the Planning & HGeo programs work

        2. No indication of change

        3. We have 6/21, less than other universities

      3. New hires for EAS dept. in geology

      4. Renaming of HGP 343

        1. From "Health, Space, and Place" to "Geographies of Health and Healthcare"

        2. Communicates actual course content to students and employers, and aligns with other universities


VP Planning (Jordan)


  1. Photo contest

    1. Draft poster for photo contest is in the drive, to be printed in reading week and posted in late November

    2. Budget for printing is $15 per month

    3. Department likely funding gift cards

    4. Journal cover design - pair with this contest

      1. Would need original photo from photographer

    5. First run from right after reading week to Dec. 8

    6. #gapssphoto or #gappsphoto

    7. Theme: favourite place in Edmonton

  2. Blog

    1. Lots of traffic (first post 353 views)

    2. 4 resident writers signed up

    3. Put it in a listserv for promotion

  3. Survey

    1. Edits in reading week, to be released for class talks

    2. To be done on your own time

    3. Potential for incentive

  4. Planning video

    1. In process, needs further communication from department


VP Internal (Kaelin)


  1. Journal committee update

    1. funding model

      1. Faculty funding and grant

    2. publication model

      1. Shift to online

    3. distribution ideas

      1. Oasis and ISSS want some

      2. Narrowing Cooper's list

    4. November class-talks

      1. Committee members willing to do class talks to get submissions, join with Academic

    5. Profs can recommend that students submit

      1. Hamza to develop a formalized email for fall profs

    6. May want some new editors from other committees

  2. Things to do in the new office

    1. Posters

    2. Fish can be automatically fed

    3. Microwave (PS Warren) and coffee maker

    4. Schedule for meetings - Cooper meeting with Melissa and PS Warren people


VP Finance (Jacqueline)


  1. Ticket sales for the Celebration of Planning is $325. Possible I might get one more prof tomorrow (Wednesday) but unlikely.

  2. Bottle drive won’t happen this semester… need more notice. Will look into planning next semester.

  3. Working on re-creating budget. Lost with my laptop crash. Sent a copy to hayley at one point so it is a straightforward thing.

  4. Received COSSA grant for Open Mic Night for $61.75, money will go towards venue booking.

  5. Applied to OASIS grant for Journal print funding. Possibility of receiving $400.

  6. Will send out update on Finances over long weekend once I have remade all financial documents and deposited celebration of planning ticket sales proceeds (we are doing well right now)

  7. Planning a pancake sale in Tory atrium in December. Will book table ASAP, date of fundraiser will be based on availability. Thoughts?

  8. Any updates regarding on needs for funding?

    1. Academic printing $15/month

    2. Journal may need stickers

  9. Approach department when we need funds from an amalgamated perspective


VP External (Hamza)


  1. Nothing to add

October 25th, 2017 Meeting Minutes - Department Meeting


  • Introduction to year (overview of what we’ve been up to) and our approach this year

    • Four committees this year. Review of AGM and Committee Orientation.

    • GAPSS at about 30 members, with potential for expansion

    • GAPSS role as a Program Association.

      • Trying to support classroom work and supplement weaknesses with additional content.

    • A student input led approach to projects and events. Understanding we can’t be everything for everyone. More responsibility to our committee members. More student surveys.

      • For example needing student feedback before mentorship program

    • Greater face-to-face interaction with students as a tool marketing. Desire to get more unique visitors to our events.

  • What does the department have planned over the rest of the semester? What would you like to see GAPSS do to support the events?

    • Mentorship as key

    • Journal Committee

    • Supplementary courses for GIS skills, sketching skills - bring in someone to do a tutorial - could be covered by program; doing more in 211 to cover architectural sketching

    • Employability weaknesses

      • Recognizing weaknesses, concepts in the class. There has been discussion in the past two years for GAPSS to organize supplementary workshops to refine skills. This included architectural sketching, GIS and Business Writing.

      • Resume writing, cover letters - seek advice from Career Centre

      • Interviewing skills - having another workshop like last year

  • As we’re interested in supporting the work students do in the classroom, are there foreseeable opportunities for GAPSS to build upon work students are doing in the classroom? This could be building upon weaknesses, or providing additional content related to a particular course.

    • Research: WDCGA with student research, APPI & CPI (Department sends students)

      • could push APPI to support student research presentations

      • space is available to host student conference, could bring students from other universities (donation of space from the university)

      • there used to be national Planning student conference

  • Are there organizations GAPSS should be partnering with for events, or are there organizations who could open up opportunities to HG and Planning students?

    • Last year: City of Edmonton through Evolving Infill, Dialog through Dialog Tour

    • Potential: more tours, think about value gained from collaboration vs. work put in and think about the risks of them not holding up the deal, stay away from asking for money (they don’t distinguish between GAPSS and the U of A generally) - the department can help with funding



VP Planning

  • YIMBY Blog Update

  • Photo Contest Update

    • working with local businesses for sponsorship, or funding from the department also possible

    • ideas:

      • themed month for photos, and wall would have photos printed on them

      • challenges like just sepia or b&w

      • space on the third floor could have them displayed

  • Advocacy

    • can’t be too liberal with accepting suggestions

    • GAPSS Student Survey being released online mid-November

    • open ended questions, will be used to look for trending issues within the student body - common issues will be topics of student roundtables next semester

    • will prepare report of findings for faculty

  • Is there a way to achieve conditions for continuity among GAPSS Exec teams?

    • ex. prescriptive structure - we are getting closer to having the momentum for a continuous platform

    • succession planning, documents (strong and concise), making sure there are some constants each year which help create momentum

    • instruction sheet for repetition (timelines) and projects into the portfolio



VP Internal

  • Update on the Journal Committee

    • Student paper recommendations when returning assignments

    • Length is key - more like 500 words is more approachable

    • Open up to paper and project

    • Ideas for printing companies or businesses to market to?

      • department would fund and we could supply journals to the companies if under $2000

      • to councillors

      • value for the department: building cycle of positivity and image

      • look into grant as well

      • promote at celebration of planning

        • potential for students at this next year

  • Faculty newsletter

    • Is it an effective method of communication?

    • Is there anything else you would like to see?

    • Has there been any feedback from other faculty?

  • potential for VP Graduate Studies


VP External

  • Questions:

    • Celebration of Planning - Did you need any further help with marketing and spreading the word? Currently we are contacting profs.

      • some haven’t been contacted or don’t remember

      • timing:

    • Do you have a list or idea of external organizations that would be able to support GAPSS? E.g. for funding, journal, networking, event promotion, etc.

      • best to go to the department for support as they have funding and we want a united front

    • Accommodating concerns of students for Planning Studio - Does the department have capacity to fulfill any potential needs/concerns?

      • not sure what you meant by this question

  • Department events put on website


VP Finance

  • Brookfield Residential and other funds

  • leverage the stuff we have here (printing, graphics, funds, people)

  • If we will be collecting the checks from profs who will be buying the GAPSS tickets or if that's something they will do?

    • cheques directly to GAPSS

    • be personal, encourage them to go


VP Events

  • Update on our event plans thus far:

    • Advance schedule to be done by the 2nd week Nov

    • Metrics measurement for future planning

      • # attendees, advance tickets or not

    • Skills Nights

      • focusing resources on academic events instead of social events

      • Resume and Cover letter writing with Career Centre input, and bring in a Planning employer

      • Interviewing Skills

        • Have been asked to do it again

        • January - dept holding

          • Samantha Mitchell and team

      • Sketch-up


        • Would cover cost through program expense

    • Networking night

      • Run through ideas for this

      • Private, public industry… mix of representatives

      • Not just Planning focussed (we have to remember the HGeo students as well!)

      • More formal that what we’ve usually done

      • Closing to the conference

      • One - would recommend holding a second?

    • Mini-conference

      • Similar to the Urban Week last year

      • To happen in Winter term

      • Will be selecting a theme but also host on a variety of topics both HGeo and Planning related.

      • speakers and workshops in day, then a nicer evening event (like a formal networking night)

        • hard to get industry people out since APPI already has those sorts of nights and a full day activity is hard to get people out

        • urban week might be better for turnout

          • limit workload (ex. TWR events - one a day - and F evening event)

          • department speaker could be part of Urban Week

          • don’t have too many events; branding will work better if there’s a cause (like world planning day)

          • doing the planning well ahead of time will ensure visibility

          • finding student schedule availability is difficult when incorporating many faculties

        • talk to department about speakers (external or faculty)

      • this could be expanded to a Western Canada or National Conference in the 2018-19 year

        • initiative put on by students will be well received

        • challenge: less momentum as the previous conference had but academics still remember

        • put it at the same time as CAPS used to be; winter makes sense from student point of view

        • look at cost - it could cost a LOT if it’s not for-profit

        • use money on speakers over venue

  • Faculty events

    • Fort McMurray talk Nov. 1

    • City of Leduc wants to do a mixer, end of March

  • Used to be National Planning Conferences for Students

  • APPI

    • Student’s Conference

  • Questions:

    • How many networking nights? One with the conference, would you recommend holding another one?

    • Are there any suggestions for other types of events that you’d like to see throughout the year?

    • How and who might we market the conference / Urban Day to? Would you recommend marketing to other universities / post-secondaries? What other programs elsewhere may have relevant programs?

    • Are there any events that the Faculty is intending on holding that you’d like any help or collaboration on?


October 19th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: CCIS 4th Floor

October 19th 8:00 am - 9:15 am


In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Hayley Wasylycia


Excused Absence:

  • Logan Fechter

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Hamza Farooqui


  1. Call to order at 8:26 by Cooper

  2. Additions/deletions to agenda

  3. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

    1. Approved by Jacqueline

  4. Approval of agenda

    1. Approved by Hayley

  5. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)


Executive Reports and Questions

  1. Cooper

    1. We will have access to the office as of Oct 3oth. You will be given swipe card access. There is an opportunity to schedule meetings in the office.

    2. Meeting with Dr. Summers and Dr. Agrawal on October 26th at 5pm.

      1. Slack discussion of the topics and focus of the meeting

      2. We learn about what the faculty is doing and they learn about what we are doing

    3. Cooper is trying to set up a consultation session between GAPSS and the Students Union on the topic of student housing.

      1. They are soon to have a discussion on what students want in their housing.

      2. We may collaborate with them on this

    4. Open House is this Saturday - schedule will be sent out soon by the faculty

    5. OASIS is starting out the Council of Arts Student Associations (COASA). See email to learn more.

      1. Bimonthly meetings and some committees

      2. Kaelin and Hayley interested if the time commitment is not

    6. Drinks Nov. 3, 5pm

    7. General Volunteers: Cooper to introduce content in meeting.

    8. Committee Check-in:

      1. Clarity in the platform of communication

        1. if it's a Slack channel, make sure notification settings are correct

        2. Events committee using Facebook and Email

      2. Google Team Drive - explaining to committees

      3. Plan for a social outing with your committees within a week or two of your first meeting.

      4. Ask members to sign up to the external calendar and to use the internal calendar

      5. Give a general GAPSS update at the beginning of a meeting

        1. Committee members need to understand all the committees will be supporting each other and working together.

      6. Let committee members know that it's okay to have moments of less commitment and how they should communicate periods of less involvement, or any absence.

      7. Finances should be communicated to committees just when it aligns with their

    9. Debrief on the committee orientation

      1. Seemed to help people become more comfortable from the beginning

      2. Team bonding worked well but maybe something where everyone could meet everyone else briefly

  2. Hayley

    1. Events Calendar to be finalized within next two weeks

      1. If anyone has event ideas and requests, let Hayley know asap

      2. Timing will be largely based on granting (discussed with Jacqueline)

    2. Open Mic Night

      1. Details in an email

    3. PS Warren and a goldfish

      1. Cost and care sharing

      2. Care chart on the wall!

      3. Idea of proxy meeting attendance - attending each others’ meetings (Atmo and PS Warren)

      4. Adding them to newsletter - Hayley to find emails

    4. Job Shadow Program being taken on by Events Committee

      1. Hayley will set up a meeting with Career Centre

        1. Collaboration (insurance backing)

        2. Gives us infrastructure for the future

        3. Paid employees more likely to be able to do it

      2. To be brought up at our meeting with faculty

  3. Kaelin

    1. Team Drive - sent out an email with this information

    2. November newsletter to profs

      1. Give Faculty a better idea of what’s going on for the rest of the semester

      2. Open Mic Night - Hayley send info on events and open mic night to Kaelin

      3. Bottle drive fundraiser

      4. Kaelin to get in contact with Jordan

      5. Journal stickers - ask profs if they want that

    3. Journal funding

      1. Reaching out to printing facilities for sponsorship - Felipe and Jacqueline maybe attend journal meeting on Tuesday the 24th - advertisement to Stantec and such

      2. There is a grant to apply for - look on Google Drive

      3. Approach in person

    4. EAS Meeting Update

      1. Not too applicable to GAPSS but a good platform if we have major advocacy

    5. Update of the Journal Committee stuff

  4. Jacqueline

    1. Celebration of Planning Tickets

      1. Jacqueline and Cooper talking to profs in person next week

      2. Jacqueline to confirm with Dr. Summers if we get the money directly or if it goes to the Department

      3. Hamza and Jordan look at the schedule and see if you can talk to the profs indicated

    2. First Fundraising Meeting

      1. Low turnout but good productivity

      2. Pancake Breakfast idea

      3. Felipe and Cameron interested in Super Smash Bros tournament

        1. Usually have good turnout

        2. Opportunity to get our name out

        3. Money reward

      4. Committee delegation to certain jobs

6. Meeting times

  1. Changing meeting times, stay tuned for a Doodle Poll

7. Adjournment by Cooper at 9:18am

8. Next Meeting: tba


September 28th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: CCIS 4th Floor

September 28th 8:00 am - 9:15 am

In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba
  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis
  • Jordan Riemer
  • Jacqueline Johnston
  • Hamza Farooqui
  • Hayley Wasylycia

Excused Absence:

  • Logan Fechter


  1. Call to order at 8:17 by Cooper
  2. Additions/deletions to agenda

  3. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

    1. Approved by Jordan

  4. Approval of agenda

    1. Approved by Jordan

  5. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)


Executive Reports and Questions

  1. Cooper

    1. Meeting with Dr. Agrawal and Dr. Summers, Oct. 10, 5pm

    2. APPI Meeting Friday 5pm in the studio

    3. Office - mid October

    4. AGM

      1. Move class talks to third week to not overwhelm

    5. Committee Orientation

      1. Cooper to add internal calendar signup to the presentation

      2. Hamza and Jacqueline to run team building activities

      3. Allocating more time with our teams and

    6. Non-HGP Students Members

      1. adding to ListServ with Clubs Fair signup

  2. Jordan

    1. Scheduling meeting with Dr. Agrawal regarding the video

    2. LEED Certification Workshop

      1. Jordan to send poster to Igor from DIFLab

      2. Could LEED Certification be implemented into a course within the Planning Program? Jordan to talk to Dr. Summers about this

    3. Job shadow program

      1. Quite difficult resource-wise, our place should be more to support the department to do this instead of starting this ourselves.

      2. Suspended idea for now, but we should propose this to the department.

  3. Kaelin

    1. October newsletter to profs

      1. Committee Orientation

      2. AGM recap

      3. Potential Projects

        1. Photo contest and YIMBY - Jordan to write blurbs

    2. Calendars

      1. Kaelin to add all committee members to the internal calendar

  4. Hamza

    1. Plan for starting Journal Committee - for after orientation

      1. Editor in chief - position for people who have been on the journal committee for one year

  5. Hayley

    1. Events idea document - continue to add

    2. Grant application due Saturday - need event submission for this January 1 - April 31

      1. Urban Day

    3. Alumni Association Funding

      1. Deadline January 31, event February - March

    4. AGM - private industry representative said that we ran the AGM well.

    5. Attracting other members

      1. Lower ticket rate at an event to people who bring


6. Adjournment by Cooper at 9:02am

7. Next Meeting: October 12, 8:00am


September 14th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: CCIS 4th Floor

September 14th 8:00 am - 9:15 am


In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Hamza Farooqui


Excused Absence:

  • Logan Fechter

  • Hayley Wasylycia


1. Call to order at 8:17 by Cooper

2. Additions/deletions to agenda

3. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

1. Approved by Jacqueline

4. Approval of agenda

1. Approved by Jacqueline

5. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)


Executive Reports and Questions

  1. Cooper

    1. First Committee Meeting (Sept. 28)

      1. Soft deadline to join Sept. 28

      2. Planning Studio as the ideal location for the first committee meeting?

        1. Cooper to book this location

      3. Structure

        1. 5 minute presentation is given regarding the short history of GAPSS, and projects pursued in the last 2 years

        2. 30 mins are team building activities (as a big group) - Jacqueline and Hamza to lead

        3. separate into committees and talk about preliminary ideas, thoughts, and logistics (time to meet) - committee chairs plan this section

          1. Write out your plan for the first committee meeting by Sept. 26

          2. Be clear how any positions in the committees are selected

      4. Hayley to propose location/time/date for the committee social at the meeting.

      5. Applications

        1. Criteria: preference, experience

        2. all exec involved in selection process

        3. 5-6 people per committee

        4. Skype call following the AGM to do this

        5. Kaelin to formalize the choices onto a spreadsheet by Sept. 26

        6. applicants applying closer to the 28th are slotted in based on preference, and current ratio between committees

        7. if too many applications, general volunteer list - on call list with volunteer applications or for later open spots on committees

    2. Cooper to take action with constitutional changes. To update Kaelin after meeting.

    3. Marketing thoughts?

      1. For next year, having handouts would be ideal for class talks

      2. Tabling was not particularly worth it - rethink for next year

      3. Bimonthly meetings with Bob and Sandeep

        1. Cooper to send poll to see what works

    4. AGM

      1. Structure:

        1. Set up takes place early   4:30pm

        2. Students arrive around   5:30pm.

        3. Faculty address  6:00pm.

        4. GAPSS address  6:15pm

          1. Cooper to come up with thorough outline for the GAPSS Address for Sept. 16

          2. Who gapss is (exec intro) - what we've done in the last year - Website/Calendar update - committees (executive sales pitch on committee and explain their vision, positions open) - constitution changes - budget update - VOTE

        5. Remaining activities  6: 35pm

          1. ALL to become familiar to the outline, and prepare for portions by Thursday. Any suggestions/changes made to the outline to be made by Tuesday

  2. Kaelin

    1. Constitutional Amendments process

      1. elections process needs changing

      2. journal committee addition

    2. Reports - 48 hours works, everyone keep trying to get them in on time

  3. Jacqueline

    1. From now on before money is spent we need to discuss as group first or at least discuss budget and what we as a student group can/can’t afford. It’s a good policy to have to insure that we don’t overspend.

      1. includes Slack message with thumbs up

  4. Hayley

    1. AGM Document and Tasking

      1. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bxo6vLVKhJyLZjROUzZ1dHVYMmc \

      2. good prices at Long n McQuade

      3. buy food day of in case of weather issues

      4. order submitted to reusable dish program

        1. Kaelin and Hayley to pick up dishes 4pm

      5. Jacqueline to buy food and bring salad

      6. Cooper to bring banner and posters

      7. Jacqueline and Jordan to bring garbage bag stands

      8. Jordan to bring folding chairs

      9. Everyone bring blankets and frisbees (Jacqueline and Hamza)

      10. Cooper and Kaelin to bring BBQ from fraternity around 5pm

      11. Cooper to look into propane and food permitting

      12. Jacqueline to bring extra propane and fire extinguisher

      13. print off 20-25 handouts for GAPSS address

      14. Kaelin to find donation jar

      15. Kaelin to look into selling leftover journals

      16. laptops for committee signup, newsletter signup, calendar laptop

      17. Jacqueline to make “Sign up here” sign

      18. Hayley to look into free table rental from ISSS or SU

      19. Hayley to pick up Long n McQuade equipment and Jordan to set up

      20. Hayley to mock up draft speaking invitation and Hamza to send out

      21. Cooper to look into getting whiteboard

      22. studio booked as backup and BBQ could happen out in the rain, bringing food in

      23. estimating 30-40 people for purchasing food

      24. during event duties:

        1. Jacqueline, Hayley, and Cooper BBQing

        2. Jordan taking photos

    2. Events planning throughout the year - document in same folder as AGM

  5. Hamza

    1. Website is basically done

      1. Photos from AGM to be incorporated - more friendly, less formal

      2. Added a Confirmation section on the Calendar Request Form

    2. Mailing list for HGP professors on Google Drive - to be continually populated and edited. Can share with department as they don’t have an existing list document.

    3. Jordan blog: first writer in residence starting in October

    4. Photo Contest: Jordan starting soon

    5. Listservs and MailChimp - not too hard to use, Hamza moving forward with that

    6. Alumni Mailing List - must be on a signup basis - promote it in the alumni channel

    7. SDA AGM - connections made with SDA and they gave us a shoutout

    8. HGeo turnout for AGM - How has it historically been?

      1. seems more Planning students get involved than HGeo

      2. should talk to department about getting HGeo students more involved

    9. BearsDen status has been resolved - everyone go into settings to check BearsDen signup

  6. Jordan

    1. Video Draft shared - take a look!

    2. Blog template will be up before October, Jordan will be first writer

    3. Name for blog - think about

    4. Working on infographics for website - ie FAQs

  7. Action Items for ALL (Cooper, Kaelin, Jacqueline, Hamza, Jordan, Logan, Hayley)

    1. Become familiar with the AGM outline, and prepare for portions by Thursday. Any suggestions/changes made to the outline to be made by Tuesday

    2. Write out your plan for the first committee meeting by Sept. 26

    3. Check BearsDen signup

    4. Think about blog name for Jordan

    5. Put idea events into Hayley’s documents


6. Adjournment by Cooper at 9:20am

7. Next Meeting: September 28, 8:00am



August 29th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: Jordan’s studio

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Hamza Farooqui


Excused Absence:

  • Logan Fechter


1. Call to order at 6:23 by Cooper

2. Additions/deletions to agenda

3. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

1. Approved by Jacqueline

4. Approval of agenda

1. Approved by Hamza

5. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)



  1. Cooper (175 mins)

    1. Bi-weekly executive meetings over fall semester will be Thursdays 8:00am - 9:15am.

    2. Cooper will be attending a number of other student group events (mainly social sciences) over fall. He'll let you know which ones he's attending, and encourages you to join. Good for networking!

    3. Clubs Fair

      1. Tabling Tuesday and Wednesday, check if the times that aren’t occupied

      2. We will approach committee members if the spots aren’t filled

      3. Cooper will make handbills

      4. We are not allowed to solicit

    4. Class talks are coming up (September 11-15)

      1. 250, 240 and 100 are considerably the biggest classes.

        1. We could do a giveaway of the hoodies for these classes - survey with incentive

      2. Schedule can be created for presentations - pairs for bigger classes.

      3. Cooper will prepare mock script

    5. Committee formation

      1. Applications opening for clubs fair and closing for September 30.

      2. First committee meeting will be September 28 5:30-7:30

      3. Committee social will be discussed later

    6. Listserv

      1. Goes out on the 5th

      2. Information that we exist and AGM information

    7. Everyone's availability sheets up to date

    8. Committee applications completely edited

    9. PS Warren communication in the works about the room and fish

  2. Kaelin (10 mins)

    1. Newsletter for profs

      1. Sent out from the gapss email and cc all

      2. Hamza to contact profs this week

      3. Cooper change the blurb to have slides at end of class

    2. Creating alumni version of the newsletter.

    3. Slack notifications

      1. Lean towards email at this time since Slack is having some issues

      2. If we need the discussion platform we can email to say the discussion will happen over Slack

  3. Hamza (

    1. Still working on write up for grad students

    2. Request for website content

      1. Website up by Monday

      2. Tabs

        1. Home page

          1. what is GAPSS blurb - Cooper edit

        2. Resource tab - Logan and Jordan1 by Friday (Sept. 1)

          1. faculty showcase

          2. contrast between HGeo and Planning

          3. links

        3. Executive team tab

        4. Committee sign up tab

        5. Journal tab

        6. Events tab - Hayley

        7. Calendar subscription widget with email addition

          1. folder with those in Google drive, manually add them

          2. in presentations we can tell people to go to the website

        8. Contact us tab

      3. Meeting minutes will be put as well

      4. Image banners - Jordan

  4. Jordan

    1. Student Advocacy

      1. hard to create an advocacy group without turning into a venting corner

      2. find a stable time of year - pre midterms, a few weeks into classes

        1. class talks with survey to find trends and big issues and create roundtable talk based on that

      3. feedback as well after co-op/field school for info related to those

      4. email with the link, not just in-class surveying

      5. talk with faculty about the questions we’re asking, etc.

      6. October’s newsletter with a blurb on this

    2. Logan and Jordan talked about the academic committee structure

      1. Biweekly 1 hour meeting

      2. Optional social time after

    3. GAPSS Blog - A website asset, student engagement powerhouse

      1. resident writers (two-week term)

      2. way for people to engage in what they’re learning

      3. host it on the Squarespace site and it’ll help out SEO

      4. committee member would be in charge of it to find resident writer, edit

    4. Photo Contest

      1. ready to go, poster will be put together

      2. first one for the end of October, advertised at AGM

      3. committee member in charge of this

    5. Lunch ‘n learns

      1. talks with important people from the Planning world - industry, etc.

      2. open to everyone

      3. 11-12 or 12-1, etc.

      4. someone from Brookfield residential wants to speak


6. Adjournment by Cooper at 7:08

7. Next Meeting: September 14, 8:00am

August 22nd, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: SUB 0-55

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Hayley Wasylycia

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Logan Fechter


Excused Absence:

  • Hamza Farooqui


1. Call to order at 6:08 by Cooper

2. Additions/deletions to agenda

3. Add story time with Cooper after HLC

4. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

1. Approved by Jacqueline

5. Approval of agenda

1. Approved by Logan

6. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)

7. Story time with Cooper

8. Present things as decisions rather than chores to increase a sense of control; “it feels better when it feels you’re in charge” - Smarter, Faster, Better



  1. Cooper (30 mins)

    1. Clubs fair sign up

    2. AGM in the process of being approved through GovWeek

    3. Please sign-up for Clubs Fair slots!

    4. AGM

      1. Marketing

        1. Free pizza

        2. Social event

        3. “All are welcome”

      2. Outdoor setting?

        1. Booking a backup venue (ECHA rooms)

        2. Follow along papers, bring people in close, whiteboard, blankets, frisbee (waiver? burger ticket?), nametags with fun fact

        3. Hayley look into microphone and speaker

        4. Potential to rent chairs for free but it’s extra work and gets in the way of mingling;

      3. First Week of Classes Classroom Engagement

        1. Profs displaying powerpoint slide in first week, we go in to talk about AGM and committee sign-up

        2. Survey at the AGM instead of classroom ones

        3. Later survey ideas: form and box on the outside of GAPSS office? Give out in class with prize like Hoodie. Survey with bit.ly link

        4. Second class so people are there

    5. Questions

      1. When will we be meeting consistently starting fall semester?

        1. Thursdays 8:00-9:30 (starting in CCIS on Sept. 7)

      2. Classroom presentation practice dates on the 27th and 28th may not work for everyone

      3. What do we need to do to make Clubs Fair as successful as possible? Item tabled

  2. Kaelin (10 mins)

    1. Calendar

      1. Public “Events” one and a private “Internal” one for committee members and executives. Cooper also owns an “Executive” calendar.

      2. The GAPSS account can subscribe to the exec calendars to see when we are busy - considering that many of us don’t regularly use Google Calendar this may not be as useful as thought.

    2. Committee signup form - review and discuss publish date.

      1. Sept. 4 release of the form, included in external listserv and having a computer at clubs fair.

    3. Newsletter for profs

      1. Hayley blurb about AGM

      2. Cooper blurb about classroom visits

      3. Hamza blurb about the new website

      4. Kaelin blurb about Calendar sign-up

      5. Everyone please write a bio of 50 words or less and send a headshot, these will also be used on the website. While you’re in this action item, send Jacqueline an idea of the money you may spent with your committee throughout the year.

    4. Creating alumni version of the newsletter.

    5. Message to Masters students’ mailing list.

  3. Jacqueline’s update (10 mins)

    1. Granting timeline will help everyone get an idea of the notice needed when events are being planned in order to assure each event is funded

    2. Crowdfunding could be a valuable funding opportunity for bigger projects like the bee hives

    3. Most grants that give out money for activities in the fall have come and passed (with deadlines being in May). Some of our bigger events (whatever they may be) should be in the second semester.

    4. For next year, following through on the grant applications due in May is a priority to help the next year’s team.

    5. Monthly financial updates about the budget and recent spending/donations.

  4. Hayley (10 mins)

    1. Need two or more people to have EOT training at any event, including AGM

    2. Hayley, Logan, Jordan to sit down and talk about a draft letter for HGeo Website Revision Request and talk to Dr. Collins in first week September

    3. AGM

      1. Jacqueline, Cooper, Hayley talking about AGM soon

      2. At EOT they said donation based sales like bbqs tend to make more money

      3. Event area booked 5-8, Arts and Business Quad

    4. Job Shadow Program Proposal

      1. Hayley, Logan, Jordan to talk about this and return to exec team

      2. collaboration with CAPSS

    5. Events List for the Year

      1. By mid September will compile a draft event timeline

      2. send ideas of events to Hayley

      3. Urban Week → Urban Day like a mini conference, HGeo and Planning students primarily, open to everyone (public, students at other schools like MacEwan, faculty of extension, etc.)

  5. Logan (10 mins)

    1. Cards for faculty

      1. Which professors to send these to?

      2. little pots and cards and paper with seeds

      3. get them for all faculty

      4. office rounds

      5. “thanks for helping us grow”

    2. Website review and continuing programs from last year

      1. Will talk with Jordan

  6. Hamza (5 mins - away but here is the update)

    1. Website is in progress, may take a while because of the learning curve of squarespace. Working on getting rid of old websites, already have closed two. Will speak to Kelly Bennett about one more website.

      1. Will need your help to populate pages - information, etc. in the future.

    2. Science Literacy Week 2017  - Thinking of setting up a table with student work displayed. Does not have to be a GAPSS run event - could extend the opportunity to HGP students and let them take the initiative. Is not a highly crucial or resource-heavy event either - no large commitment, fairly casual.

    3. Wanting to extend the invitation for ~20 new Master’s Planning students to get involved with GAPSS. Executing that through sending Kaelin’s monthly newsletters to these students as well.

    4. UofA Alumni - modifying Kaelin’s newsletters to info relevant to them - keeping them in the loop.

    5. Clarifying role - I am the main point of communication for GAPSS with external parties.

      1. If you need to communicate externally. Please draft the message, send it to me via Slack, and I will send it out with you attached.

      2. If you would like to send a post over social media. Please use the ‘Social Media Post Request Form’ under GAPSS Executive > Social Media > GAPSS Social Media Post Request Form. I sent everyone a link to this form a few weeks ago, please pin it if you can.

      3. If you would like to speak to the contact directly. I will send an introductory message to them first, you may then continue the conversation with GAPSS attached. This is so I can stay in the loop and be aware of any external communications I am not directly a part of.

      4. If there are messages from a contact to you directly. I will forward you the message, but I ask that you attach me to any further communications with the contact.

      5. If there is a message sent to GAPSS in general. I will communicate the message at the next meeting if discussion is needed (e.g. Science Literacy Week 2017)

    6. How do you want to move forward with Science Literacy Week, do you want to move forward?

      1. Cooper and Hamza to discuss

      2. Yes we would like to move forward


9. Adjournment at 7:18 by Cooper

10. Next Meeting: August 29, 6pm


July 25th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: SUB 6th Floor

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Hayley Wasylycia


Excused Absence:

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Logan Fechter


1. Call to order at 6:10 by Cooper

2. Additions/deletions to agenda

1. None

3. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

1. Approved by Hayley

2. Seconded by Hamza

4. Approval of agenda

1. Approved by Hamza

2. Seconded by Hayley

5. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)

6. Cooper’s summary of last meeting’s themes:

Increased connections to students and student feedback, communication between committees, onus on members to generate ideas, more socials, partnerships with external groups, updating external communications

“I got some of those mosquito bites that’s like a hundred at once so it looks like a rash but now I think maybe it is just a rash.” - Cooper



  1. Cooper (40 mins)

    1. Second Retreat

      1. retreat time changing, tentative August 18 evening

    2. SU Awards

      1. we are applying for student group of the year, $1000 award

    3. GAPSS Archives

      1. everyone contact last year’s executives to upload useful documents, and also ask them about constitutional amendments.

    4. Fall Plan (paper copy)

      1. marketing plan - how can we get people to come out?

      2. advertising: must happen in person or through one-on-one outreach

      3. regular class updates so that students know who we are and are well informed

      4. poll for students, especially on syllabus day

      5. date for the AGM: September 21 5:30pm-7pm, BBQ

        1. Hayley research cost, sound system, band (?), tentative plan

        2. Jacqueline contact Hayley about the budget for this

        3. Cooper look into booking space; backup space?

    5. Clubs Fair

      1. charges this year for tabling

      2. $17.50 for a 3h time slot

      3. Cooper and Jacqueline meet to talk about spending on clubs fair

    6. Constitutional Changes: created collaborative constitution to work on, everyone make proposed changes for next meeting. Constitution to be finalized for retreat by Kaelin and Cooper.

    7. Communications

      1. Slack notifications don’t always work - check settings

      2. Slack best for work-related discussion, Facebook for memes, Email for longform information

      3. Calendars

        1. What other calendars do we want to add in for information?

        2. Internal Calendar with our own layers showing availability

        3. How do we want to approve dates for events? What is the best way to communicate a calendar to students externally?

  2. Hayley (2 mins)

    1. Inter-committee social

      1. once per semester, likely end November / early December for Fall

  3. Kaelin (10 min)

    1. Availability for the Fall Semester has been put into a spreadsheet - if your schedule changes or if you have a weekly commitment like volunteering that would conflict with GAPSS work, let me know and it will be put in the spreadsheet! Jacqueline please forward your Fall schedule when complete.

    2. Have been in contact with the VP Internal of OASIS, setting up a meeting.

    3. Unable to get in contact with Libby despite trying on multiple platforms.

    4. Hamza and Kaelin will be meeting time to discuss email, website, and calendar.

    5. Executive reports

      1. Can be sent over slack or email

      2. Need to be sent in on time to give Kaelin editing time and everyone enough reading time

      3. Information points WILL NOT BE discussed at meetings, to save time, so reading reports is necessary, get in the habit.

      4. Answer the question points for yourself to be prepared for the meeting

    6. Faculty Letters

      1. Process for VPs to include information in the letters to faculty

        1. there will be a Google form

        2. time limit - week in advance

        3. each VP can give a short blurb with updates and anything the faculty needs to know

      2. There will be no August letter, but one first thing in September

        1. AGM changes and details from Hayley, inter-committee social, urbanweek vs urban day

        2. letting them know about classroom presentations

        3. add a mechanism for faculty to be able to respond

        4. Kaelin look into using Mailchimp

    7. Draft committee application: https://docs.google.com/a/ualberta.ca/forms/d/1wyzO3jvRI9HRqsTa4UsH8zdLkKwhOnZOuIbhErHEeBw/edit?usp=drive_web

  4. Jacqueline’s update (5 min)

    1. Schedule of HGP Classes for the Fall has been created, for future reference

    2. Timeline of events: for being able to plan grant applications, we need to know a general timeline for different events.

    3. Budget: think about what you might need money for throughout the year so that an official budget can be put together.

  5. Hamza (15 mins)

    1. Email cleaned up

    2. Facebook post request form uploaded

      1. Hamza send link for this to everyone

      2. two days notice to publishing

    3. Roles of social media

      1. Facebook: main point of communication for students, as well as event advertisement

      2. Twitter: connecting to industry, professors, speakers, planners; last point of communication

      3. Instagram: event recap, promotion, photo contest, fun side of social media

        1. following back? no; Hamza cleaning out account

    4. Clarify role

      1. if we want external email, go to Hamza first by forwarding a message to the GAPSS email; it will then be sent out on your behalf with you cc’d

      2. committee members need to be aware of this policy

      3. GAPSS should be cc’d in all external communication as those conversations continue

      4. VP External will take on contacting businesses for displaying the journal in offices, collaborations (ex. UrbanYeg and photo contest)

      5. attending COSSA and OASIS meetings with Cooper for representing GAPSS

    5. Uploading meeting minutes to website - Kaelin and Hamza will meet about this

    6. Cooper to send examples of successful student group websites

    7. End of month blog post about what has been accomplished/events/etc. (start Sept.) - Hamza editing the faculty report from Kaelin for a wider audience

    8. Science Literacy Week 2017

      1. Quincy has emailed about inviting us to host session

      2. Sept. 18-22

      3. showcase/exhibition/demo/activity/information table in library

      4. Sept. 9 deadline for application

      5. GIS, EAS 470 research, data on display; use listserv or profs to find exemplary work to be displayed - 300/400 level

      6. Hamza find science-related HGP classes and contact a prof to contact students

      7. AGM advertising at this event

  6. Action items for everyone (Cooper, Hamza, Jordan, Kaelin, Jacqueline, Hayley, Logan)

    1. look in GAPSS archives and get outgoing VP to add

    2. Constitutional Changes: collaborative constitution to work on has been created, everyone make proposed changes for next meeting.

    3. Put AGM in your calendars, Sept. 21, 5:30-7pm

    4. Go into Summary Availability and take your name off of any slots where you have non-class weekly commitments

    5. Review committee application and come back with edits https://docs.google.com/a/ualberta.ca/forms/d/1wyzO3jvRI9HRqsTa4UsH8zdLkKwhOnZOuIbhErHEeBw/edit?usp=drive_web

    6. Timeline of events: for being able to plan grant applications, we need to know a general timeline for different events - think about this for your committee.

    7. Budget: think about what you might need money for throughout the year so that an official budget can be put together.

    8. Cooper to update execs who missed today.


7. Adjournment at 7:32 by Cooper

8. Next Meeting: August 15, 6pm

July 11th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Location: SUB 6th Floor

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


In Attendance:

  • Cooper Csorba

  • Jacqueline Johnston

  • Hamza Farooqui

  • Logan Fechter

  • Kaelin Koufogiannakis

  • Jordan Riemer

  • Hayley Wasylycia


1. Call to order at 5:45 by Cooper

2. Additions/deletions to agenda

1. None

3. Approval of agenda

1. Approved by Logan

4. HL and C’s (High’s Low’s and Comments)



  1. Jordan (5 mins)

    1. Communication between planning students and executive

      1. ensuring that ideas are reflective of student needs

      2. Google Poll setup

      3. contact beginning in September while people

    2. $20-$25 into monthly photo competition

      1. thematic, through Instagram

      2. gift cards for local shops (Farrow, Donut Party, etc.)

      3. potential for sponsorship by these businesses

      4. potential partnership with UrbanYEG

    3. Scholarship potential

      1. field school grant each year

    4. Planning video

      1. interview with professionals, and the extended version can be posted on the facebook page

  2. Logan (10 mins)

    1. Academic committee programs continuing

      1. mentorship, study groups

      2. video project

      3. making sure the committee is a place where people feel committed and heard - bonding events, delegation

    2. Website review for Human Geography

    3. Poll for HGeo students

      1. separate poll from Planning since needs are different

      2. polls might be better done on paper in-class, as well as online

      3. iClickers could be used for larger classes

      4. profs are likely supportive of taking class times

      5. advocacy might be more effective if it is a roundtable format, a food event, etc., geared towards a specific topic

      6. if they know about us, if they like how much we’re doing, etc.

    4. Getting a list of HGeo and Planning classes and the times: Jacqueline

  3. Jacqueline (5 mins)

    1. Fundraising: getting more people to come out

      1. more effective when they are fun and people are engaged

      2. bake sales are a lot of work and don’t earn much

      3. bigger, better marketed events are more worthwhile

    2. Committee members

      1. should hold more responsibility within committees and have defined roles for accountability

      2. transparency about money, fundraising with committee members

      3. having pairs of members running events works well

    3. Communication

      1. increased communication between members of different groups

      2. meet and greet for all GAPSS members, one per semester

      3. volunteer appreciation in a low pressure setting, a thank you instead of a ticketed event

    4. Opening events to the public, putting events on the Journal, Avenue, CoE

    5. Spreadsheet of our schedules for fundraising supervision

      1. Kaelin organize a spreadsheet of our schedules

    6. Grant applications

      1. Hamza help Jacqueline with grant applications

      2. Cooper to find old grant applications in the Google Drive

  4. Hayley (25 mins)

    1. AGM barbeque

      1. could act as a fundraiser

      2. could be open to everyone, including friends and public

      3. outdoor, weather permitting

      4. set time for presentations and such, then socialization

      5. printed copies of the material

    2. UrbanWeek

      1. direction towards a day of events instead of a week

    3. Job Shadow / Mentorship program

      1. letter drafted to send to CAPS outlining our ideas

      2. we are ready for a meeting with CAPS

      3. collaboration with Academic committee

    4. Program outline sheet

      1. a sheet outlining HGeo vs. Planning to go onto eClass

      2. support among profs

      3. collaboration with Academic

      4. to begin mid August

      5. Jordan and Logan and Hayley to create this document

      6. good to have for incoming students at the open house

    5. Tri-Committee events: PRIORITY

      1. something to bring all the committees together

      2. barbeque, retreat, park day, etc. for all members

      3. they are the future exec team

      4. goal of 5 people per committee

      5. set up a tri-committee social event for September

    6. Clubs fair table

      1. Cooper to book a table for Clubs Fair

    7. Sustain SU

      1. taking over Grow Room so it can continue to live on with insurance and finances

      2. potential for getting a Beehive on a rooftop; this could be a collaboration with Sustain SU, Urban Farming/Gardening groups on campus, ALES

      3. we could create a branch for Urban Sustainability under them

      4. birdhouses!

      5. make it accessible to students on campus and involve various groups including Business, ALES, etc.

    8. Department Website

      1. issue with the website is administrative (university admin)

      2. administration will take students more seriously than profs

      3. draft letter for this - Hayley to send out to everyone for review

      4. it should follow the Planning website format

      5. creation of content - starting mid August

      6. add the page comparing HGeo and Planning to the site

    9. Partnered Events

      1. events with another student group

      2. cuts cost but also potentially revenue

      3. increases attendance

  5. Hamza (5 mins)

    1. Social Media

      1. defining use of each social media

      2. not using social media as the primary method

    2. Flyer for GAPSS, our services, our contact info

      1. could include a page for profs to put up at the beginning of lectures

    3. External communications

      1. looking into who we can partner with

  6. Kaelin (25 mins)

    1. Setting up the calendar for student accessibility

      1. Google Calendar with sign up for students

      2. could use eClass calendar but that might get confusing

      3. coordinate faculty calendar, etc. to see what dates are available for events

    2. Website review with VP External

      1. “get to know the exec” section

      2. how much foot traffic does the website get?

      3. put committee signups on there

      4. there are currently two websites - get rid of one website or replace both

      5. look into using Squarespace, Wordpress

      6. Kaelin and Hamza meet to discuss this

    3. Email

      1. centralized until specified

      2. VP External runs the central email and forwards relevant messages to Executives

      3. Hamza to sign onto email and organize recent messages - speak to Kaelin if it’s a big workload  

    4. Setting the framework for the journal

      1. publish through Open Journal Systems through the U of A Library

      2. reach out to companies; market the journal for waiting rooms for CoE, Sturgeon County, etc.

      3. fundraising for the journal is a bonus

      4. student section and Edmonton/area professionals section, or a feature on one professional or group in each journal

      5. photo contest for cover or inside the journal

    5. Setting up the application process for committee members

      1. signup Sept. 5 until week after AGM [by Sept. 30]

      2. can keep open past deadline to get more members

      3. winter recruitment period

      4. Cooper forward the sign-up for volunteer opportunities that SGS uses

    6. Executive reports

      1. each executive to put their report in writing, point form and maximum half page, sent to Kaelin 48 hours before the meeting

      2. include:

        1. Information, for reading only

        2. Discussion points, for group discussion

        3. Questions, things that need to be addressed with the group

      3. these will be compiled by Kaelin and sent out at least 24 hours before an executive meeting

    7. Monthly summary reports

      1. brief report to be circulated among ALL committee members for openness between committees and projects

      2. including budget report

      3. could spotlight work; member of the month

    8. Monthly letters to faculty with similar summary information

    9. Event training:

      1. check SGS newsletter for Event training times, if it’s in your action items document from Cooper

  7. Cooper (10 mins)

    1. GAPSS Archives

      1. link here

      2. everyone contact last years execs to upload useful documents, and also ask them about constitutional amendments

      3. acts as a transition, look for resources

      4. make sure the committee members know this exists

    2. New Office

      1. shared office with PS Warren and ASSG in ESB

      2. Jacqueline get the fish :)

      3. they want our input for room setup

      4. August setup

      5. bulletin board

      6. fridge, microwave, calendar, kettle, Jordan’s french press

    3. Task Pick-Up Sheet

      1. A list of potential projects, and assigned items for executives to take on over the next month and a half. Cooper is completely on Call.

      2. if you feel like you want something to do you can look at that and Cooper will collaborate on anything

      3. be mindful of action items on the sheet

    4. Second Retreat

      1. August 26

      2. Cycle in the City and then to U of A for meeting

      3. presentations and discussions

      4. strategic goal setting, not project work

    5. Executive Agreement

      1. component of our constitution, formalizing your commitment on paper


5. Group business/Discussion Topics (~15 minutes)

1. Tabled for Next Meeting

2. Communication over the Summer/Year (Slack, Facebook, Email.. etc)

3. Preliminary Event Planning (AGM, September, GovWeek)

4. Calendar Organization and general organization

6. Adjournment at 7:20

7. Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 25th 6-7:30