Whether you’re a prospective or current student, we hope the following set of resources will be of assistance for you throughout your experience with the program.

Program Description

As outlined by the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences: “Human Geography focuses on the relationships between human societies and the built and natural environments in which they operate. How do we organize and distribute natural resources? How do we build healthy, sustainable communities? How do our environments reflect and reinforce our cultural beliefs? How do we prepare for and respond to hazards? Human Geographers seek to answer these important questions in diverse urban and rural contexts.”

Academic Requirements

Department Resources

  1. The Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences website for Human Geography outlines required courses for graduation, the major/minor credit requirements for students in the human geography program, the skills gained throughout your degree, one’s job prospects post-graduation, and can be found here.
  2. For even further information on Human Geography as a field of study, the knowledge outcomes of studying Human Geography at the University of Alberta, as well as on the diversity of sub-disciplines available in the field, visit the Faculty of Arts website here.
  3. Information, pricing, and high-school course requirements for those looking to apply can be found here.


Dr. Tara McGee

  • Undergraduate Advisor & Professor
  • Email: tmcgee@ualberta.ca
  • Office: Tory 3-89

Dr. Damian Collins

  • Honors Advisor & Associate Professor
  • Email: damian1@ualberta.ca
  • Office: Tory 3-92

Dr. Theresa Garvin

  • Professor
  • Email: theresa.garvin@ualberta.ca
  • Office: Tory 3-96

Dr. Robert Summers

  • Faculty Services Officer
  • Email: robert.summers@ualberta.ca
  • Office: Tory 3-90

Dr. Joshua Evans

  • Assistant Professor
  • Email: joshua.evans@ualberta.ca
  • Office: Tory 3-105

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