YIMBY - A Letter from the Editor


Welcome to YIMBY. A weekly blog about the space that surrounds us, the space in which we live our lives. Every two weeks a new uAlberta Planning or Human Geography student will be our "Writer in Residence". They will share new ideas they've come into contact with in their studies and experiences.

Jordan riemer 2014

Jordan riemer 2014

YIMBY stands for Yes In My Backyard: a much larger phenomenon than this blog. It's inspired by creativity and an openness to continually improve our built and theoretical environments. A "YIMBY" is one who looks at their surrounding environment as a space of flexible potential; never accepting the 'status quo' and always striving for something better.

This blog is a virtual space where YIMBY-ism can be explored. Where our current understandings of physical space can be questioned, and visions of future understandings can be cast. This blog is a place for mistakes, rants, ideas, "what-ifs"; a mosaic of unfiltered experimentation.

I hope this blog re-awakens the wonder we used to have when exploring new spaces. That it opens our eyes beyond what our current spaces are, but what they could be. I am thrilled to see what my fellow students come up with, and I encourage readers to express their own input on every post to continue the YIMBY momentum.

Jordan Riemer

YIMBY Head Editor, 2017