Hayley Wasylycia

President of Undergraduate Studies

Hello, I’m Hayley and I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Alberta in Urban & Regional Planning. I am entering my final year of the program in 2019-2020. I have been involved with GAPSS extensively for the past three years and thus cannot wait to get this new year started. Outside of the University I had an integral role in initiating the Inaugural National Students Planning Conference (PLACE), and am currently overseeing its institutionalization in the long-term across Canada. Additionally, I am a strong advocate for student interests and an initiator of positive change, I have been involved with advocacy and professional organizations at both the national and provincial levels; most recently, I chaired the Student Affairs Sub-Committee through the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), and am currently a Co-Chair for the Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI) 2019 provincial conference.

I am interested in most things planning-related, but am particularly curious about the topics of tiny housing, sustainable food systems, and how provincial legislation affects the opportunities and constraints that cities experience. When not working or studying, I am somewhat of an outdoors-aficionado, and spend a majority of my free time hiking, backpacking, and travelling, appreciating different cityscapes around the world.



Daniel Morin

President of Graduate Studies

I am a MSc in Urban and Regional Planning student heading into my second year. I am passionate about planning and creating a great sense of community and belonging within our awesome department. Additionally, I have interests in public transit, active modes, urban renewal and pretty much anything related to urban planning. There are just so many cool concepts and ideas to learn about!



Sam Kuchera

VP Human Geography

I am a third year Poli Sci major, minoring in HGP; and has been a part of GAPSS executive for the past year as the VP HG. I am passionate about politics, be it federal, provincial, or on campus, and aspire to work in the political field someday on policy. My main hobbies are reading books, drinking coffee, and biking around the river valley and downtown (weather permitting of course).



Emma Zurawell

VP Planning

Hello! My name is Emma Zurawell and I am a 4th year Planning Student. Throughout my degree, I have had the opportunity to work in both Strathcona County and the City of Edmonton, and was previously a Human Geography student as well. I am passionate about environmental issues, creative solutions to infill, and learning ways to manage growth. When I am not in school, I enjoy getting outside! I love to downhill ski and bike and swim and go for walks in the River Valley!! I also love to explore Edmonton and hit up all the festivals it has to offer!



Stella Xiao

VP Graduate Studies

Hello!! I'm Stella, and am currently heading into my second year of the Masters in Urban and Regional Planning program. I graduated from the U of A with a BSc majoring in biological sciences, and minoring in sociology. Shortly before graduation, I came across Urban Planning through taking HGP 240 and realizing that it was the culmination of my long search for a field that combined all of my interests and passions; I am so thankful that the journey has led me to where I am today. My relationship with my city is complicated, my relationship with my bike is complicated, but my relationship with Urban Planning is not- I am completely and utterly in love. When I am not doing school-related work, I enjoy skiing, reading, and watching Paint with Me videos on YouTube. Being actively involved in an on-campus student group was a “bucket list” item for me during my undergrad, along with studying abroad for a year and attending a varsity volleyball game. I’m proud to say that I have been able to check all these things off, even if I accomplished 2 of the 3 after completing my undergraduate degree. I never found an on-campus group that strongly resonated with me until I found GAPSS but am so happy to be able to continue with them.



Rachel Smigelski

VP External

Hey everyone! My name’s Rachel and I’m in my 5th year (victory lap!) of my BA with a double major in Human Geography and Design. In May 2019 I started a co-op through
Arts Work Experience with the City of Edmonton working as a land use planner.

Aside from school, my passions include maps (obviously), infographics, design, urban spaces, and sunsets. Over the past 4 years, I have really loved getting involved on campus and meeting people in my program who will listen to me talk about maps, trains, transit in general, and NIMBYism for hours on end. I also enjoy painting, biking, and spending time outside.



Sabine Roche

VP Internal

Hello! My Name is Sabine Roche and I am currently going into my third year as a double major in Human Geography and Sociology. After discovering Human Geography & Planning in my first year of university I absolutely fell in love with anything and everything related!

I am an individual who is enthusiastic about opportunities on campus and loves to be involved. In my spare time you can probably find me talking about politics, memes or the human geography and urban planning world. I love the exciting nature of cities and jump at any opportunity to be outside having fun with friends or family. Additionally, community spaces and accessibility are super big interests for me!



Natalie Tremblay

VP Events

Hello! My name is Natalie Tremblay and I am in my third year of University majoring in Human Geography and minoring in Art and Design. I moved to Edmonton after graduating from a small high school in Cochrane, Alberta, hoping to find my passion, and what I wanted to study in university. I then discovered Human Geography and realized it perfectly fit with my creativity, social personality, and desire to create better places and spaces. I am a qualified candidate for VP Events because I am very passionate about community, and am excited at the opportunity to spearhead events for the Human Geography and Planning student body! I love the City of Edmonton, and in my spare time you can find me enjoying local music, sitting on a patio, or wondering the river valley!



Jordan Bell

VP Finance

Hi! My name is Jordan, I am currently in my final year of a Human Geography degree with an Art and Design minor. Throughout my degree I have gotten the opportunity to work for the City of Edmonton, and travel to France for a study abroad program. I am super passionate about urban design, and environmental issues and transportation. I have been apart of gapss for the past four years, serving on a variety of different committees. I was also apart of the planning for the inaugural Place18 Conference in October of 2018. When I am not in school or working, I enjoy painting, going for runs, and checking out all of the cool spots Edmonton has to offer!



Toritse Fregene

VP Finance

Hi! I am Toritse (Prononced Tori-cia)! I am a third year Human Geography student who is relatively new to the U of A as I have recently transferred from the University of Lethbridge where I was majoring in Kinesiology. The strong planning community and GAPSS was one of the many reasons I decided to make the move and attend school in Edmonton. So I am excited to be deeply involved in GAPSS moving forward!

My love for urban planning and human geography came from being well travelled. I have lived in major metropolises such as London and Toronto to smaller cities like Lethbridge and Edmonton. This breadth of experience with cities, communities and the people who inhabit them has always intrigued and excited me. When I discovered I could have a hand in shaping communities large and small I couldn’t believe it was a job!

In my free time you can catch me editing videos, talking to anyone who will listen about music and playing or watching football (soccer) any chance I get