GAPSS is a student group that provides academic, proffesional and social support to Human Geography and Planning students at the University of Alberta. Our recently updated constitution is available below. 

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2016/2017 Executive

President - Meryn Severson

Meryn is a fourth year Human Geography and Sociology double major. She is interested in research, social statistics, and policy development around issues of demography and housing. As the President of GAPSS, she oversees the organization and operations of the group. When not in class, Meryn enjoys knitting and listening to vinyl.






VP Planning - Darbi Kinnee

Darbi is a 4th year BA Planning student who recently returned from a semester abroad at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. She is currently completing her Arts Work Experience Co-op with the City of Edmonton. Darbi is particularly interested in issues associated with low-income housing opportunities in Alberta and has a passion for urban design. Outside of GAPSS, she loves to rock-climb, cook, and plan her future travels with friends and family. 




VP Human Geography - Logan Fechter

Logan Fechter is a second year Human Geography student with a passion for urban design and the promotion of healthy lifestyles through holistic urban planning, as well as a desire to enable youth of all ages to pursue their ambitions early in life.

Last year Logan co-founded a social media movement called The World Mosaic Project with his friend and colleague Jeremiah Ellis, which strives to dispel islamophobia, recently receiving support from mayors in Australia, America, and from coast to coast within Canada. Logan is currently serving as a youth councilor for the City of Edmonton Youth Council for the 2016/2017 term.



VP Finance - Alisa Oum

Alisa is currently in her final year of her BA in Planning with a minor in Psychology. She is particularly interested in heritage planning, urban design and public engagement. In her spare time, Alisa enjoys going to live concerts, exploring the city, and learning photography.









VP Events - Cooper Csorba

Cooper is in his 2nd year of his BA with a Planning Major and an Art and Design Minor. Although Cooper is enjoying his time in the Planning program, he also finds interest in Urban Design and Architecture. During his days off, Cooper works at Leva Cappuccino Bar, where he saves money just to spent all of his earnings on extensive travel plans. 







VP Internal - Libby Macphail

Libby is a third year Human Geography Student. Some topics she is particularly interested in are Food Sustainability and scarcity, environmental policy, and transit oriented development. When she's not sleeping or arguing about political policy, Libby enjoys hiking all over Alberta and playing piano.








VP External - Madeleine Stout

Madeleine is in her 4th year of her BA with a Planning Major and Political Science Minor.  She's particularly interested in issues of public health, public policy and community engagement. Currently, she works as a Research Assistant investigating homelessness and the Right to Housing. When not thinking about geography issues, Madeleine enjoys directing plays for the stage and learning the cello.