Thanks again to everyone who came out to or AGM and voted to pass our constitutional amendments! As the amendments passed, GAPSS is please to introduce three new committees - venues for students to get involved with GAPSS without the time commitment or election requirement of being an executive member.



Chaired by the VP Finance, the role of the Fundraising Committee is to brainstorm, plan and host fundraisers throughout the year and seek other opportunities for funding such as grants and awards. The goals of the committee include increasing the revenue from fundraisers, providing financial support to the students looking to attend and/or present at conferences, and creating the funds necessary for social events and various academic activities such as networking events and workshops.



Co-chaired by the VP Planning and VP Human Geography, the Academic Committee will aim to strengthen and support the Planning and Human Geography programs. Goals for the year include facilitating study groups and the creation of a mentorship program, increasing support for students to attend relevant conferences, and holding professional development workshops in cooperation with CAPS.



Chaired by the VP Events, the Events Committee will plan and facilitate events to engage Human Geography and Planning students. Events may be social in nature, relate to professional development or be part of fundraising. Goals for the year include increasing student attendance at GAPSS events, hosting frequent and engaging social events over the year and increasing GAPSS’ visibility on campus by hosting large-scale events in collaboration with other student groups.  


Committees are approximately a 5 hour/month commitment, with most of that time being for bi-weekly committee meetings. Committee chairs will work with interested individuals to set up a meeting time that works with everyone’s schedule. 


To sign up for committees, please fill out this Google form by Wednesday, October 5.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have via Facebook, Twitter or email

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